Stop Sunburn Before It Stops You

Sunburn is almost an inevitable part of summer for many children and adults. Although your skin is better off if you never get burned, if you do encounter a nasty burn or two this summer, use these simple home remedies to fight the effects of sunburn naturally.

Stay hydrated
If you are burned, you are likely dehydrated as well. Cool off from the inside out by drinking cool (but not ice-cold) water. Keep sipping on cool water over the next 24 hours to replenish any fluids lost in the sun.

Stop the burn’s progress with water
Work quickly when you first notice your skin turning red to prevent further burning. Just like food continues to cook once it is off the stove, your sunburn will continue to get worse if you don’t take care of it fast. Take a cool bath upon your return home. Add a cup or two of oatmeal to the bath to fight inflammation for bad burns.

For bad burns, apply an ice pack to the affected area. Cover the ice pack in a damp towel to prevent the ice from coming in direct contact with the skin, which can be painful.

Apply aloe
Aloe vera is nature’s burn soother and an effective inflammation-fighter. Apply it to all burned areas as soon as you notice the burn. However, make sure you are using 100-percent, natural aloe. Many “aloe” products sold in grocery stores and drug stores do not contain enough aloe vera to fight burns. The best way to ensure your aloe is high-quality is to harvest it directly from an aloe plant.

Relieve pain with honey
Although aloe gets all the attention, honey may be equally effective or even more effective than aloe in treating burns. In a 2009 study published in the Indiana Journal of Plastic Surgery, it was found that when patients with first- and second-degree burns applied honey to their wounds, they were fully healed within two months and complained of less pain. In comparison, of the patients not treated with honey only 37 percent were fully healed within two months.

sun burn Apply apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is anti-inflammatory and has a soothing effect on sunburned skin. Dilute your vinegar to a ratio of about one part vinegar to three parts water to prevent it from stinging your skin if you have any blisters or cuts. Lightly dab a cotton cloth soaked in the vinegar mixture over your burns several times a day or any time you feel pain. You can also try adding about one cup of vinegar to a cool bath for soothing sunburn relief.

Try baking soda
Baking soda is often included in natural sunburn remedies, but the scientific evidence is lacking. Baking soda is said to have soothing effects on the pain from a nasty sunburn. You can apply it directly to the burn in a paste, or try adding it to your cool bath.

Use these methods to soothe sunburns and prevent the burn from getting worse. Your skin will thank you and you may find that your sunburn fades much quicker than it would have without the use of these remedies.

—The Alternative Daily


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