Squatting is Better for Overall Bowel Health

Squatting is Better for Overall Bowel Health

For millennia, humans squatted when they needed to defecate. Then the modern toilet was invented and we began sitting instead. However, a study published in the medical journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences suggests that squatting is actually healthier for us and promotes better bowel health.

Squatting is Better for Overall Bowel HealthThe Angle is Important!

When you sit, a kink is created in the muscles that control the anal sphincter. This creates a blockage that prevents fecal matter from easily being released. Often, even with pressure, people find they need to strain in a sitting position. However, raising the feet even a few inches can relax and straighten the kink and allow for more easily elimination.

Researchers discovered that utilizing a squatting position reduced incidences of constipation and decreased straining. Additionally, they found that the time needed for elimination was substantially reduced for most study participants.

Bowel Health

Difficulty with fecal elimination can be a symptom of poor gut health. Chronic constipation is a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease, along with many other chronic health problems. Poor gut health is linked to immune system dysfunction, lack of energy, increased risk of diabetes and potential cancer.

Fecal elimination is one of the most important ways the body rids itself of body toxins and maintains gut health. Although every person’s body is different in terms of how often it is necessary to defecate, it is important to cleanse the body regularly for optimal health.


You probably do not want to remove the toilet from your bathroom, but there are ways to ease the process of elimination. One method is to place blocks on each side of the toilet. The blocks should be at least six inches high and wide enough to support the user’s feet. They can be easily moved and adjusted for placement.

Another solution is to hold your knees upward and hold them in place with your hands or wrap your arms around them. This is a potential solution if you are away from home.

The goal of changing your position while eliminating is to relax the anal sphincter muscles and straighten them. This allows for easy release of fecal materials and can prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and rectal discomfort.

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