Should I Be Drinking Sparkling Water?

We all love plain old filtered water. It keeps you hydrated, gives you life, improves your skin, and nourishes your body. However, I’ll be the first to admit that drinking pure, unflavored, unadorned water every day without any variation can get a little boring. There are certainly ways to spice up your water with things like fruit infusion or mint, but sometimes you just crave that sparkling, bubbly sensation. Rather than turning to soda for your carbonation fix, try sparkling water instead. Here’s everything you need to know about bubble water and a few busted myths. 

Can sparkling water erode your teeth?

Many people stay away from sparkling water due to the prevailing myth that the high acid content can destroy your teeth and erode your enamel. The truth is much more complicated. Carbonic acid, which is the acid produced from the combination of carbon gas and water (this creates the bubbles!) does have a mild corrosive effect on the hard outer shell of your teeth. However, this corrosion is incredibly slight and is only a concern when you drink sparkling water with added flavorings and sugar. To put it into perspective, sugary soda is around 100 times more damaging than sparkling water. Sugar is clearly the villain here, though carbonation is often unfairly accused.

Can sparkling water diminish bone health? 

Teeth aren’t the only bones that people are worried about when it comes to carbonated water. However, an extensive study of over 2,500 people showed that, once again, soda is the main fizzy beverage to be worried about since it can significantly decrease bone density. 

Sparkling water could help you feel full

Carbonated water may be an excellent beverage if you are trying to lose weight or decrease your portion sizes. It may even help keep food in your stomach for longer, which may allow you to stretch your time between meals and keep you satiated. 

Could relieve constipation

The bubbly benefits of sparkling water could help get things moving in an inactive gut. Studies show that constipation, stomach issues, and even chronic stomach pain can all be relieved by carbonation. Sip on a glass of fizz water whenever your digestive tract is feeling off. 

Hydrates just as well as regular water

Since sparkling water is literally just water with carbon, it works exactly the same as plain filtered water and can keep you hydrated just as well. Sparkling water could give you indigestion if consumed too fast and, as mentioned above, it makes you feel full, so be sure that you are actually drinking an adequate amount. It works better as a treat to sip on throughout the day rather than your primary source of hydration. 

Tips for drinking sparkling water

Though there is some concern, most of it is unfounded. Sparkling or seltzer water is a perfectly safe and healthy way to make your beverage a little more interesting. Especially if the alternative is soda. Add sparkling water as a supplementary drink and don’t forget to drink plenty of plain, filtered water, especially after exercising. Choosing sparkling water isn’t as simple as grabbing the first bottle you spot at the grocery store. Follow these tips to ensure you are protecting your health and getting the best quality possible.

Avoid flavored water: Any sparkling water with natural or artificial flavorings should be avoided. Manufacturers can sneak in a lot of nasty ingredients under those blanket listings, so it is best to stick to plain carbonated water.

Add your own flavoring: Just like regular water, it is possible to make your fizzy beverage pop with some fruity ice cubes, herbs, or stevia. 

Choose sparkling mineral water: Mineral water is just sparkling water with a little extra bonus. It has added natural minerals that increase the benefit of water and make it even healthier. 

So should you be drinking sparkling water? The answer to that question is entirely up to you. Do you enjoy the taste and like to have a little fizz in your life? Are you trying to quit soda for good and need something to help curb the habit? Or are you tired of boring water and want a healthy way to keep it interesting? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then sparkling water is an exciting and inexpensive solution. 

How do you like to drink sparkling water? Let us know in the comments below!

-The Alternative Daily

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