Lucy’s Bru

Specialty Organic and Fair Trade Coffee

The Only Coffee You Should Drink…

Like you, we here at The Alternative Daily are coffee lovers. That’s why we are so excited to bring you Lucy’s Bru, our very own specialty certified organic and fair trade coffee.

Yes, Lucy is an actual dog. She is also the burst of energy in all of us. When Lucy isn’t chasing squirrels or catching lizards, she is paddle-boarding and swimming in the Atlantic, jumping in pools and giving Jake Carney, our CEO and founder, and his family eternal love.

Lucy’s Bru is sustainably grown and absolutely delicious! Like us, we truly believe that you’re going to LOVE the way it tastes.

We searched long and hard to source the very best hand-picked, organic and fair trade beans we could find, to make sure we would be providing a tasty bean of the highest quality. So why are we so confident in the choice we made, you might be wondering? We’re glad you asked! ­čÖé

First off, why would you choose organic coffee over conventional coffee? Many reasons. Conventional coffee bean farming uses strong and potentially hazardous chemicals. In fact, conventional coffee is one of the most heavily chemically-treated foods in the entire world. Not only is it laden with pesticides, but also herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides.

There are some who believe that even after roasting, there may be chemical residue in conventional coffee. A number of these chemicals have been linked to animal deaths. In addition, the health risks to farm workers exposed to toxic chemicals are high and have resulted in human death.

The farms in Central and South America that grow the beans used in Lucy’s Bru forego the use of nasty fertilizers and pesticides, allowing the coffee to keep all of its nutrients so that it just tastes better while being better for you.

Coffee is an understory shrub, which means it naturally exists under a taller canopy of trees, aka shade. Unfortunately, most conventionally grown coffee is farmed on plantations where large sections of forest have been clear-cut to grow coffee in full sunlight. These deforestation practices employed by many coffee farms and plantations are unethical, highly unsustainable and harmful for many species of birds, and for biodiversity in general.

We’ve ensured that the farms that provide the beans used in Lucy’s Bru meet the criteria for shade cover, which prevents trees from being cut down and also gives the plants what they need to develop beans that maintain their full flavor, just as nature intended.

The majority of coffee farmers, particularly small-scale operations, live in remote locations and are often forced to sell their crops to middlemen at a much lower price than what they would get if they sold it themselves.

Fair Trade coffee helps to ensure that farmers build relationships with more reputable business partners, are paid a fair price for their crop and maintain safe conditions for their workers. It also means that working families are able to keep their kids in school and that the money earned is cycled back into the local economy where those workers live.

Plus, Fair Trade, organic coffee tastes better and it’s better for your health. As the demand for global coffee increases, methods of mass-producing it often leads to a lower quality product, because mass production is all about chemicals, cost saving short-cuts and compromise, which are detrimental to the taste and to your health.

As you can see, drinking Lucy’s Bru is a supreme choice for your morning cup of joe. The amount of care that goes into a bag of our beans might seem like a lot, but to us it’s totally worth it when we consider the difference a high quality brew makes to our health.

Why don’t you go ahead and grab some today and experience it for yourself?

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