The Jake Carney Show Ep 3: FREE COFFEE, Dwayne Johnson for President, and National Drink Beer Day

On today’s podcast, we consider living on Mars, nominating The Rock as president, and surfing with sharks. Plus, it’s NATIONAL DRINK BEER DAY!

Jake and special guest Matt D’Lando discuss leaving planet Earth to live on Mars. There’s probably better golf courses there, less crowded. Is there a parallel universe that lives just like us? Do aliens exist? Are they typing this message right now!? It may be safer on Mars after all! Would you leave your family and live on Mars for 1 billion dollars.. muahahaha!

Then we get into a heavy manly man debate on how to properly catch fish! Do we throw them back into the water? Do we eat them? Host, Jake Carney, talks about his experience surfing with sharks.

We also dive into politics. Is Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, going to run for president? Do you think he’d win? What would it take for him to win?

Lastly, the biggest American question of the century.. Keurig or Starbucks? Is it a waste to throw the Keurig cups away? Is Starbucks too expensive? Do we brew our own coffee? (Honestly.. we think everyone should just stick to Lucy’s Brew)

Our amazing content writer PJ shares his breaking news headlines and dives into the recent Southwest Airline scandal. Is it okay to have dogs on a flight? What if someone is deathly allergic? Should that person be removed from the plane, or the dog and it’s owner?

What’s the best coffee, Keurig, Starbucks or Lucy’s Bru?
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Would you move to Mars and receive 1 billion dollars for your family?

Find out as Jake Carney and Matt D’Lando answer all these questions and more on today’s podcast. Enjoy with a nice cold beer! (21+).

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