Podcast Episode #21: I gave up cable for a year, here’s what happened

The Alternative Daily has a new tag line and we discuss what it means to us and the our audience.

Bumble is a new dating app where women have to approve men before they can start a dialog. Ralph is now in the dating scene and reveals the ins and outs of internet dating.

Was racial profiling an issue with the Flint Water Crisis? Listeners thought so and emailed us to discuss. We also reveal the winners of the recent Berkey Water Filter Giveaway.

The majority of households have cable and pay upwards of $200+ for cable tv. Jake discusses that he has lived without cable for the past year and a half and what it has done to his family.

Ralph gives us the latest 2016 Presidential Race information. Is it an issue if Trump doesn’t appear on the last debate before Iowa? Jake and Megan are split on this one.

All this and more!

IGaveUpCableHeresWhatHappened_400x150The Alternative Daily Podcast
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