pH: The Perfect Measure of Your Internal Universe

pH: The Perfect Measure of Your Internal Universe

Our vast universe is upheld by keeping opposites in balance, with everything in its place and objects rightly related to each other.

We tend to take this balance for granted, not thinking much about what would happen if gravity were to disappear or the sun stopped rising because our planet was no longer spinning.

We see symptoms of imbalance in our own atmosphere, such as global warming, which indicate that something is grossly wrong with what we are doing on Earth. However, these signs are often ignored by the masses.

Like the universe, the human body also has a kind of internal balance that operates on principles of keeping opposites in check. When imbalance occurs, the body is kind enough to let us know and sends subtle, and no- so-subtle, warning signs. These may include things like fatigue, depression, pain, irritability, weight gain, anxiety and unclear thinking.

Similarly to the ‘check engine oil’ light in our cars, when our ‘check all systems’ light goes off, we are wise to listen and respond. Better yet, we are wise not to let our bodies get to a point where the light comes on.

However, we often give our cars more respect with regular maintenance than we do our own bodies. We push and push and push until we can take no more, ignoring all of the flashing lights along the way until suddenly we find ourselves with a chronic, often life threatening condition that robs us of precious years.

When we look around us, we can clearly see that most people are suffering from imbalance. Obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and a host of other so-called diseases are all actually symptoms of imbalance.

They are desperate cries for help; for most they are the last and final warning given before the body shuts down entirely. Although all of this is sad indeed, there is a way to regain balance and set the body back on track, completely reversing the symptoms.

pH: The Perfect Measure of Your Internal Universe

Balancing the Body

The answer to good health lies in balancing body chemistry, which is not an overly difficult task to do once you understand how the body works. Most people, however, don’t take the time to get to know how their bodies operate, again taking for granted all of the bodily functions that keep them alive.

According to some experts, the most common markers of health used today, including cholesterol counts, blood pressure, blood sugar, hormone levels, etc., are actually poor indicators of what is really going on. While they may indicate turmoil in certain systems, they do not accurately identify the overall state of the body.

When the body is out of balance, it pulls resources from wherever it can in an attempt to regain regulatory control. This is what often shows up in standardized tests such as those done at our annual exams.

Dr. Robert Young, author of The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health, suggests that there is a far more accurate indicator of the state of our internal universe, and that is pH. Young says that pH, a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of our internal fluids, affects every single cell.

According to Young, different areas of the body have different pH levels, but blood pH is the most indicative of overall health. Optimal blood pH falls within a very narrow window and must be kept within that window to keep all systems balanced.

Once the blood chemistry deviates from this window, we start to malfunction. We can malfunction for years, sort of coasting along at a slow speed, suffering from minor irritations such as headaches or fatigue without even realizing what we are doing to sabotage the perfect order of our blood chemistry.

Over Acidification

Because we expect to be sick and completely miss the fact that the human body can function well, we don’t look for perfect health in the right place. We instead tackle disease in our bodies like it comes from the outside, something that just happened upon us by chance.

The truth is that disease actually comes from within and is the result of poorly balanced blood chemistry. Young says that over acidity is keeping Americans fat and sick.

We have come to be an overly acidic nation by consuming highly processed foods and very few healthy, alkalizing foods. An acidic body is vulnerable to germs, and even though our internal systems fight to keep an alkaline environment, they become overwhelmed and chaos ensues.

Proper diet is the only way to keep a healthy acid/base balance; there is no other way. Since food is the fuel for the body, it is wise to spend some time thinking about just what we fuel our bodies with.

We Did It and We Can Undo It

Over acidity, for the most part, is a choice that we make. Understanding that, we can begin making good choices at any time. Re-balancing the body is like getting a second chance. Catching the signs of imbalance early make it easier to regain health – before organs begin to fall apart.

Understand that if you suffer from such things as chronic pain, headaches, irritability, fatigue, allergies, sinus problems or mental fogginess, your body is giving you a clue. The first step in re-balancing body chemistry is fueling the body with alkaline foods.

Stay tuned for part B of this article for the top 6 alkalizing foods and more about achieving the perfect blood chemistry for health and longevity.

-The Alternative Daily

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