People Power vs. Corporate Greed – How One City is Taking Control of Their Own Electricity

The city of Boulder, Colorado is setting an important precedent for our entire nation – by localizing energy for the purpose of drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The New Era Colorado Foundation is a grassroots organization that won a huge victory in 2011. The group defeated Xcel Energy, Boulder’s dominant energy corporation, in a vote that resulted in the approval of a community-owned power system. The group achieved this even though they were outspent by Xcel 10 to 1.

Xcel Energy currently makes over 35 million dollars per year in Boulder. It does so primarily by utilizing coal-based energy. Coal is a fossil fuel that, when burnt, skyrockets the greenhouse gas emissions which deplete our ozone layer. Local activists have been trying for years to work with Xcel to lower emissions, but no significant progress was made.

New Era Colorado’s plan is to phase out fossil fuels entirely, and instead transition to a power grid operated by renewable energy (such as wind and solar power) and natural gas. Boulder’s Phase-1 modeling shows that once this model is implemented, 58 percent of energy could be derived immediately from renewable resources, and carbon emissions could drop immediately by 54 percent.

Other community-owned electrical systems exist across Colorado and the United States, however, New Era Colorado Foundation’s model is the first of its kind, as it is built on a foundation of renewable energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

This model could realistically be applied to cities across the United States, dissolving our reliance on huge corporations for our energy. The cost is predicted to be the same for cleaner energy, or even less, once the model is underway.

New Era Colorado Foundation is preparing to take on Xcel Energy again this year, in a true battle of people versus corporations, or David versus Goliath, if you will. Xcel is fighting hard against this initiative, and has been flooding the media in Boulder with fear campaigns. To stay alive and on top, it has proposed its own ballot, under the guise of reducing government debt.

New Era Colorado Foundation is currently seeking donations from people nationwide who want to see an America fueled by green energy, not mountains of coal, and who believe that the communities themselves should have a right to decide where our power comes from, not some corporate giants with profits to protect.

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This movement is, at its root, about more than just energy. It is about all of the people who want to take control of our lives back from faceless industry. New Era’s success in 2011 against a million dollar fear campaign by Xcel shows that with the right organization of passionate individuals, and with a great message, we can indeed take our power back.

For another example, if enough of us banded together to keep our food real and organic, against processed, genetically engineered products made to keep us full, but not nourished, we could make it happen. We have already seen these movements beginning across our nation: the March Against Monsanto drew huge numbers and GMO labeling bills are in circulation in many states.

See how New Era is creating their own Electricity in the video below:

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Now is the time when we must continue to fervently fight for our power, our food supply and our freedom to live healthy lives free of chemical onslaught everywhere we turn. The world is starting to change. David beat Goliath, even when it seemed hopeless. The battle has just begun, and the warriors are growing in number by the day – will you lead the charge?

-The Alternative Daily


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