This Nun With A Chainsaw Is Cleaning Up After Irma (And The Internet Loves It)

Millions of homes and business are still without power across Florida, and it could be weeks before utilities are brought back for all residents. However, it looks like some residents are taking matters into their own hands.

Sister Margaret Ann takes matters into her own hands

“There was a need and I had the means, so I wanted to help out,” says Sister Margaret Ann. “We teach out students to help other people, don’t think of yourselves,” she said in an interview.

The nun went viral after Miami Dade County Police Department shared picture and videos of her. The post included, “As we recover from Hurricane Irma, these acts of kindness remind us all that we are one community in Miami Dade County!”

Nun video goes viral

Not surprisingly, the video has sparked lots of comments and shares online:

Police say the act of kindness displayed by Sister Margaret Ann has spurred others to pitch in clearing debris as well.

— Peter Amirata

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