Natural Methods to Improve Blood Pressure

Natural Methods to Improve Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious health problem that affects millions of people. Many factors contribute to having high blood pressure, including being overweight, poor diet and uncontrolled stress. However, you can counter these factors and help improve your blood pressure with just a few simple lifestyle adjustments.

Improve Your Diet, Improve Your Blood Pressure

There are many ways to eat better and lower your blood pressure. One of the best ways is to eat foods high in potassium. Potassium counteracts sodium which contributes to increased blood pressure levels. By eating foods rich in potassium, you can help lower blood pressure significantly. Try eating a banana daily or a baked potato with the skin on it. Other foods high in potassium include yogurt and orange juice.

You can also lower your blood pressure by eating less salt. Many processed foods are high in sodium, contributing to high blood pressure. Instead of eating chips with your sandwich at lunch, try adding raw organic carrots for crunchy goodness. Another high sodium culprit is soda and sports drinks. Instead, try a bottle of naturally flavored or plain water.

Losing weight also goes a long way to lowering blood pressure. Losing just five to ten pounds can make a tremendous difference. If you are significantly overweight, talk to your doctor about developing a weight loss program that includes both a healthy diet and exercise program. Not only will your blood pressure drop to healthier levels, but your cardiovascular health will improve, you will have more energy and your self confidence will increase.

Improving your blood pressure numbers does not require you to change your entire life. Instead of eating lots of processed foods, try going for healthy organic whole foods, like fruits and vegetables. Eating a healthy diet and exercising more can go a long way toward making you feel better overall.

– the Alternative Daily

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