Top 5 Things You Should Do Immediately When You Wake Up

If you don’t start your morning on the right foot, you could spend the rest of the day feeling rushed, irritable and behind schedule. Rather than allow the day to take charge of you, take charge of your day by implementing these five morning routines that will benefit your health inside and out.

Practice gratitude

Do you wake up feeling grumpy in the morning? The first thoughts you have when you wake up can affect your entire day. Research suggests that focusing on positive thoughts when you first wake up can help you feel better about your day. 

Try this: When you wake up, and as you get ready for the day, try to think about five positive things about your day. By focusing on the positive, you set your mind up for a happy, productive day, rather than a stressed, rushed one.


As we age, we start to feel achy and stiff in the morning. However, research shows that when you stretch in the morning, you wake up your entire circulatory system and alleviate stiffness and pain. An article written by Colorado Physical Therapist Specialists suggests that daily morning stretches will reduce pain, improve flexibility and help you feel better all day long.

Try this: Practice basic stretches and yoga poses for 10 minutes after waking. Stretch your back by reaching your arms as high as you can into the air and then slowly and carefully bending forward to reach toward your toes. Yoga poses like lotus, tree pose and warrior pose will also improve flexibility and fight stiffness and pain.

Create a daily journal

A daily journal can help set the mood for a productive day. Each morning while you get ready for the day, create a journal entry including your to-do list, some positive motivation, your current mood and thoughts, and anything else that you believe will help you have a more productive day. A daily journal can help you track moods, keep your productivity high, and prevent wasted time.

Try this: Keep a small journal by your bed and make a short entry every morning (and evening too).

Oil pull

Waking UpOil pulling (usually done with coconut oil or olive oil) is the process of mouth washing with oil instead of an alcohol-based mouthwash. Oil has properties that encourage bacteria to pull away from the teeth and gums and prevent bacteria from adhering to the teeth throughout the day. A study conducted in 2008 found that daily oil pulling reduced the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, thereby reducing cavity risk.

Try this: Swish with oil after brushing your teeth in the morning. Start by swishing for one or two minutes, and gradually work up to 10 minutes or more to gain the most benefit.

Drink warm lemon water

Lemon water provides a host of health benefits. Lemons are packed with beneficial nutrients like zinc, vitamin C and antioxidants. This means that drinking lemon water first thing in the morning can boost your immune system, ease digestion, increase energy and improve hydration. 

Try this: Add half a lemon to a cup of warm water each morning and sip as you get ready.

By implementing these five healthy morning habits, you will prepare your mind and body to face the day ahead in a better mood and in better health.

—Brenda Priddy

Brenda is a writer, chef and health nut with many years of writing experience in the alternative health industry. She specializes in health news, healthy living, alternative treatments, and healthy recipes. She loves educating others about sustainable, healthy living. Brenda lives in Texas with her husband and two daughters.



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