Man Allegedly Robs Four Subway Stores because its Famous Jared Diet Failed

An 18-year-old Alabama man, who apparently wanted to be just like Jared, the famous face of Subway, was captured in a Walmart store in late October after a shopper recognized him from photos posted on the local police’s Facebook page, according to authorities.

Zachary Raphael Torrance, Alabama police say, robbed four area Subway stores because the “Jared Diet” failed him and he wanted his money back. Jared Fogle, as you probably recall, is the man who made national headlines when he lost 245 pounds 15 years ago by eating just two Subway turkey sandwiches a day – and nothing else. He’s said to be worth some 15 million dollars today.

According to news site, Hueytown Police Chief Chuck Hagler commented, “I don’t know if he was kidding or not, but he said he had tried the ‘Jared Diet’ and it hadn’t worked for him, so he wanted his money back.”

The armed robberies reportedly occurred over a four-day period, culminating with two stick-ups on October 30.

Torrance was ultimately charged with first-degree robbery and was held on a 250,000-dollar bond, though police did not reveal just how much money he got away with.

Hopefully the judge orders Torrance to attend anger management classes. An education in diet and nutrition might be helpful too. While Subway’s marketing tactics have certainly made them – and Jared – the big bucks, the “Jared Diet” is no better than an all-McDonald’s diet.

Submarine sandwichIn 2013, UCLA researchers found that while total calories were slightly lower at Subway, the average calories per sandwich purchased and sodium content were both higher at Subway. Subway sandwiches contained an average of 784 calories, compared to 572 at McDonald’s. The sodium content at both eateries was three times higher than the recommended daily dose: 2,149 mg at Subway versus 1,829 mg at McDonald’s.

And we’re not even going to go into the numerous chemical additives and other unhealthy compounds found in fast foods… not a smart diet option by any means.

Torrance not only ended up with a thicker waistline than he was hoping for, but most likely, a lot of time behind bars.

-The Alternative Daily


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