When Having Less is Better: 3 Good Reasons to Downsize

One rather unfortunate attitude perpetuated by our culture is to judge one’s success by the size of their house, the model of their car or how many gadgets are in their collection.

However, these things simply don’t correlate to happiness. Have you ever looked around your home and asked yourself how much of your “stuff” you really need, or even want?

While there is nothing wrong with having a big house or a nice car, for many people, downsizing can provide a huge sense of relief, and a better quality of life, for a number of reasons. The following are just three of these.

Cut down on your “to do” list

A large home may provide you with a lot of space, but unless you have a lot of people living with you, or are using the space for a specific function, it can often be rather unnecessary.

Plus, the task of cleaning it may be daunting. Making the decision to purchase a smaller home can mean less time spent cleaning endless rooms, as well as organizing and dusting things you don’t use, and more time to enjoy life.

Have more money available to do the things you love

Selling a large home and moving into a more modest one, as well as trading in that luxury vehicle for a standard, functional model, can leave you with a pile of cash. If your expenses are covered and debts paid, you can use this to take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to, embark on an art or cooking class, or get new mountain bikes for your family and hit the trails.

Reduce stress caused by too much “stuff”

For many people, simply being surrounded by an abundance of “stuff” creates stress. In fact, in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, which is all about harmonious placement and organization of your living space, one of the top priorities is to get rid of excess clutter. If you look around your home and find piles of objects that are just sitting gathering dust, it’s time to let them go.

Once you’ve ditched the overload of excess gadgets, you may find yourself feeling surprisingly calm, because you have less to keep track of, maintain and clean. The minimalistic approach of only keeping what you use, or what has meaning to you, allows your home to be a more personal space, not just a storage space for random objects.

Smiling woman near closetMake a mental note of how your home, your car and your “stuff” makes you feel – if it is burdensome, and causes you anxiety, it may be the perfect time to consider downsizing, and shedding the excess material weight.

-The Alternative Daily

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