The Jake Carney Show Ep 7: Marijuana & Hangovers, Poop Habits, and Job Policies

On today’s podcast, we discuss Marijuana & Hangovers, Poop Habits, and Job Policies (unlimited vacations).

Jake and special guest Matt D’Lando talk about the perfect cure to hangovers. Is it true marijuana is the perfect remedy to recovering from a long night out? IV bags are said to be the boost you need after a last nights multiple rounds of shots.  Is it better than drinking water? Should IV bags be more accessible to everyone suffering from a hangover?

Then Jake squeezes the poop.. I mean, the truth out of Matt, and the guys share their poop habits. Isn’t it normal to bring your phone to the bathroom? What about your laptop? Where do we draw the line for bathroom entertainment? Our guess is, 99.9% of the country brings their phone to accompany them when it’s time to let one go. (This is not a proven fact, but highly believable).

Our content writer PJ missed all of the fun, but we still talk headlines. Football player Cam Newton receives heavy backlash after chuckling when a women reporter asks about football routes. Was this sexist? Can women be taken serious while talking sports. Should Cam loose his job, get suspended, or at least apologize? Or is the public being too sensitive?

Lastly, we get into a job policies. Here at The Alternative Daily we are grateful to receive unlimited vacations. Should all jobs be required to give their employees unlimited vacations? Do you think people would work harder if there was for freedom? Or should people stick to the traditional work 4 hours, take an hour lunch, then work another 4? What about multiple cigarette breaks? Should they be included as part of your hour lunch break?

Is marijuana the perfect hangover cure?
What entertains you while you’re pooping?
Was Cam Newtons remark sexist?
Should all companies give their employees unlimited vacations?

Find out as Jake Carney and Matt D’Lando answer all these questions and more on today’s podcast. Enjoy!

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