The Jake Carney Show Ep 5: RIP Tom Petty, Las Vegas hero, and instruments vs auto tune

On today’s podcast, we pay our respect to rocker Tom Petty. Host Jake Carney puts his millennial co-workers to the test. Can they name a Tom Petty song? What’s your favorite hit?

And to follow up with yesterdays tragic Las Vegas shooting, our amazing content writer PJ shares his breaking news headlines about the Las Vegas hero. A man who put his own life at risk to save more than 20 people. We thank you for your bravery, Jonathan Smith.

Jake and special guest Matt D’Lando chit chat about their favorite genre of music. Is music from the 90s better than todays music? What does it take to be considered a musician today? Do people even play instruments anymore or is all about the auto tune?

We also discuss non-profit organizations. Do you prefer non-profits? How can you confirm your donations are being used properly? Would you rather donate to a GoFundMe page?

Still keeping our family and friends in Puerto Rico in mind, PJ shares with us the heart warming contributions from Chef Jose Andres who is there serving hot meals and tells us how can you help Chef Andres feed Puerto Rico.

Lastly, guess who’s the cutie in the office?.. The ladies LOVED him in episode 4 and he’s back looking better than ever!

What’s your favorite Tom Petty song?
90s music vs today’s music?
Non-Profit or GoFundMe campaigns?
Who’s the hottie on the podcast?

Find out as Jake Carney and Matt D’Lando answer all these questions and more on today’s podcast. Enjoy!

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