Healthy Attitudes to Transform Your Life in 2015

Feeling frustrated, powerless, negative or worthless? That’s so 2014! The New Year is the perfect time to adopt a new attitude—5 new attitudes to be precise—which will open the door to more health and joy, and completely transform your life in 2015.

1. Don’t be a victim

We love to blame other people for our own unhappiness—anyone or anything but ourselves. “My spouse forgot about me again….My boss doesn’t appreciate my work….My kids did this….My father said that…..” This is such a destructive habit, as assigning blame to others and making excuses only keeps us feeling powerless and stops us from taking responsibility for our own lives.

In the New Year, move out of victim mode: accept and celebrate the parts of yourself and your life that you like, and come up with an action plan to change the parts that you don’t.

2. Choose to forgive

Forgiveness does not mean we approve of or condone the actions of the person that hurt us. It simply means that we will not allow that person or those actions to cause us pain or suffering anymore. If the person is still a part of your life, talk to them, explain exactly why what they did hurt you, and allow them to express their perspective on the situation. Be prepared—you may not like or agree with it.

Only through complete honesty can you both move on. If you aren’t able to speak to the person, write a letter detailing exactly what happened and why it hurt you. Consider what part you played in the situation, as nothing is ever completely one-sided. After you’ve said all you need to say, burn the letter and move on.

3. Refuse to speak negatively about yourself

When a best friend or family member is feeling down, we speak to them with kindness, compassion, acceptance and patience. We support them and show and tell them how valuable they are. Why, then, do we constantly think and say overly critical things about ourselves?

In the New Year, let’s practice talking to ourselves the way we would our best friend—with patience and love.

4. Be grateful

Studies consistently show that individuals who practice gratitude are healthier and happier than those who do not. Nurture this quality in the New Year by writing down 5 things you’re grateful for each day. When we make this a habit, over time our attitude transforms from mostly negative to mostly positive, and our mental and physical health transforms with it.

5. Let yourself make mistakes

2015, as the new yearYou will never be perfect, and you are probably the only one that expects you to be. We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, forgiving ourselves for our mistakes is a lot harder than forgiving others, as many of us live with a constant, critical voice in our head that reminds us of all the things we have to be ashamed of.

However, self-forgiveness is utterly important for our health and happiness, as over time it can result in more energy and vitality, and less of a feeling of being burdened. In the New Year, forgive yourself for your past mistakes, and plan to continue to do so for all the ones you’re bound to make in the future. Learn from them, and move forward.

Remember, your attitudes are not fixed—they are habits that you develop over time. Changing your current attitude will take some work, but with some practice and awareness, you can absolutely do so.

Change your attitude and watch your life and health transform!

-The Alternative Daily


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