7 Eyewitness Videos That Will Have You Believing In Aliens

Video technology — YouTube, HD cameras and iPhones — are changing the way we share information. These tools allow ordinary people to document their experiences, report news and connect with millions of other people.

Presumably, smartphones and portable devices should make it easier to capture evidence of alien existence. After all, if a UFO streaks across the sky or an ET materializes somewhere unexpectedly, then most people will have an iPhone or video camera handy.

Similarly, if governments really are hiding evidence of alien existence, then it should be easier than ever for whistleblowers and insiders to leak, broadcast or share that information with the public.

Perhaps proof of alien life already exists in the form of eyewitness videos that have been posted to YouTube and shared on social media. With that thought in mind, here is some out-of-this-world evidence (including interviews, images and video) that will have you believing in the existence of alien life.

Is there proof of alien life contained in these must-see videos?

1. This NASA footage, which includes an enhanced view of a rather mysterious unidentified object about one minute into the video, suggests that we are not the only life forms orbiting the earth.

2. This recently declassified video was released by the Chilean government. It was filmed by Navy pilots who encountered a mysterious UFO. There is still no official explanation despite an extensive multi-year investigation.

3. Buzz Aldrin was the second man to set foot on the moon. If he says he witnessed a UFO, then I think people should take him pretty seriously. Check out this amazing video and hear for yourself his take on his amazing extraterrestrial encounters.

4. Gordon Cooper was one of the original Mercury astronauts. In this amazing interview, he recounts his first encounter with alien spacecraft, which dated back to 1951.

5. Prehistoric cave paintings discovered in Chhattisgarh, India indicate that our earliest ancestors may have had direct contact with alien life. This artwork, which dates back 10,000 years, is some of the most compelling evidence that our planet has been visited by extraterrestrials since the dawn of man.

6. Edgar Dean Mitchell was an Apollo 14 astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the moon. In this extraordinary video interview, Mitchell recounts his conviction that the Roswell incident was real and why he believes the government is covering up the fact that we are not alone.

7. Paul Hellyer served as Canada’s Defense Minister. In this persuasive video, he explains why he’s convinced that the cosmos is teeming with life and why governments — which have been hiding this fact — should level with their citizens.

— Scott O’Reilly

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