Are You Eating Dead Food?

Consuming dead food is one of the worst things you can do for your gut. Dead foods are those that contain nothing of value for the body. Dead foods encourage imbalance and degenerative diseases such as diabetes and arthritis and they will make you fat.

When you consume dead food you will be tired, achy, irritable and poorly focused. You may experience high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Remember, your gastrointestinal system will not automatically reject what you eat something just because it is useless. You have to make that choice before putting it in.

There are some foods that are life promoting and some foods that are death promoting. Choosing life-promoting foods is always the best option. All foods are not created equal, some things that are sold as food should actually have a warning or hazardous substance label on them due to the damage they will cause.

America, like other industrialized nations, has become expert at stripping foods of their natural fiber (where the health promoting benefits are typically found), and tarnishing them with synthetic chemicals to turn them from real food into imposters. The manipulated foods, sold in bright and eye-catching packages with promises for good health, contain little, if any nutrition. The toxins found in these foodstuffs are the exact things that put an unnecessary burden on our digestive system as it works together with our other organs to rid the body of disease promoting substances.

Well all have to eat, however, we should eat to help our metabolism and the best food to do this is real, live food. The trillions of cells, bacteria, yeasts, viruses and fungi in the body can be either healthy or unhealthy. The key is not to get rid of the microbes that are found in our mouths, sinuses, eyes, toes, nails, ears, urinary tracts, digestive tracts and elsewhere but to provide the proper nutrients to keep all the microbes happy and well balanced.

When we eat dead food, we kill off millions of beneficial probiotics, crippling the natural defenses we need for a healthy immune system.

Woman shopping in grocery storeThe Standard American Diet (SAD) is not well balanced and you do yourself no favors by following it. Choose instead to eat a diet that consists primarily of foods as close to their natural state as possible. This means saying goodbye to packages, cans, bags and boxes for the most part. Real, fresh, local, seasonal and organic are words that should come to mind when you think of live foods.

When we consume living foods, the enzymes in the foods commingle with our digestive enzymes in a beautiful way – the way they are meant to mingle. There is no battle, no inflammation and no irritation. The body recognizes the substance as food and knows exactly what to do with it.

-The Alternative Daily

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