Eat these Strange Foods to Boost Overall Health and Wellbeing

There are new foods being discovered by the health conscious community all of the time. Some of these are certainly more exotic than others, but all have a unique nutrient profile that help to promote health.

A few options are really catching on at the moment, because they are a mixture of delicious and incredibly healthy. You can easily work these into your diet to spice things up and enjoy better nutrition.


A rutabaga is a vegetable that is similar to a potato, but it has a carrot-like flavor. This root veggie is crispy when you enjoy it raw, but you can also puree, mash or shred it up and add it to different meals. Rutabagas are packed with potassium, calcium and magnesium.


Plantains are fruits that are almost like a combination of potato and banana. When this fruit is more ripe, it is more similar to a banana, making it perfect for caramelizing and adding to some dark chocolate. When it is less ripe, you can use it as a substitute for potatoes. Plantains are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and iron.


Natto is stringy and slimy, but once you get past this, you will be adding plenty of nutrients and a unique flavor to your meals. This food consists of friendly bacteria and cooked beans, making it an acquired taste for many. However, when you enjoy this food, you are getting plenty of protein, vitamin B2, vitamin K and vitamin E.


Durian has a strong smell that is not very pleasant to some individuals, but this fruit more than makes up for it with its health benefits. Add this spiky fruit to your diet and get plenty of protein and fiber. You will also enjoy a sweet treat that gives you nearly all of the vitamin C that you need for the day.


This sea vegetable is something you may know about it if you often dine out on sushi, but many people do not know that it exists. It is slightly sweet and packed with calcium, fiber, magnesium, iodine and vitamin A. Add it to your salads for some extra flavor, or sauté it into your favorite gluten-free pasta dish.


kolirabiThis relative of cabbage is a vegetable with a mild flavor. It is packed with potassium to balance blood pressure and promote heart health. It will also give your immune system a boost due to its high vitamin C content.

Bean Chips

Having chips for a snack is quick and easy, but rarely healthy. When you swap out those potato chips for homemade bean chips, you are getting plenty of protein and a high dose of antioxidants. As an added benefit, they also taste great.

Consider switching out some of the foods you normally put on your plate for one of these a few times per week. This is an easy way to try the new foods and figure out the pairings that you enjoy most.

-The Alternative Daily


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