Dying Toddler Saved By This Babysitter’s Decision

Kiersten Miles, 22, took a babysitting job with the Rosko family to help support her education. She quickly formed a strong tie with the three children, especially with the youngest, Talia.

When the horrific news came that Talia had a life-threatening liver disease, Kiersten immediately offered up a part of her liver to save the child.

The Rosko’s were anxious about the offer, warning Kiersten that the surgery for both herself and their daughter was dangerous and very invasive. This did not phase the young woman at all, and she stuck to her decision to do what she could to save the little girl.

It’s a match

Kiersten and Talia were an exact match for a liver transplant. (Photo Courtesy: Kiersten Miles)

Test results revealed that Kiersten was going to be able to perform an amazing act of humanity and generosity. She was a perfect match with her little charge!

Rigorous surgery

Together, Talia and Kiersten went through a 14-hour surgery. (Photo Courtesy: Kiersten Miles)

Talia and Kiersten underwent a 14-hour surgery where a part of Kiersten’s liver was removed and placed inside the tiny girl. The surgery was a perfect success, and both girls recovered quickly.

Today, Talia is running and playing like a happy and healthy toddler, thanks to Kiersten. Her actions should serve as a strong example to love others as we love ourselves.

 Make doing good a habit

A great habit to get into is to wake each morning with thoughts of helping others on your mind. I love thinking of how I can give a part of myself away each day for someone else. It keeps that ugly ol’ ego in check and one quickly finds that there is so much joy in giving, especially when it costs you something!

Now, go out there and do some good!

— Susan Patterson

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