Why “Diet” is a Dirty Word

There’s a healthy diet, and then there’s a “diet.” What’s the difference, you ask? Plenty.In its most basic definition, a diet is simply what one eats. This can be healthy or unhealthy. However, a second definition of diet has come to encompass restriction, self-deprivation, hunger and struggle.

People get into the mindset that if they deprive themselves of certain foods, or push themselves through hunger, they will lose weight and be healthy.

The sad reality, however, is that most of the popular “diets” out there are not healthy. In fact, many people fall victim to dangerous fad diets, harm themselves through severe calorie restriction (as was reportedly performed on the reality TV show, “The Biggest Loser“, and risk malnutrition. Not getting enough calories in your body can be extremely dangerous.

Sometimes, by following these dangerous and unhealthy “diets,” weight loss does occur, but other harmful health effects last long after. Plus, more often than not, the weight will pile back on if it was not lost the healthy way in the first place.

ietThe key to losing weight, and keeping it off, is adopting a holistic lifestyle change. It’s not just about dropping pounds – it’s about reaching your ideal weight in a gradual manner, while eating foods which nourish your body and mind and support your metabolism. Along, of course, with plenty of movement – which doesn’t have to be five hours at the gym, just something active that you love.

The reason the mindset of “dieting” does not work is because it has deprivation at its core, and that is simply not sustainable. Instead of saying, “I’m on a diet,” choose instead to celebrate nutritious foods, learn some exotic recipes using fresh ingredients, and get back to the fun of eating healthy.

Once you’re regularly eating – and living – to nourish your body, you’ll notice that your weight takes care of itself, and you’ll never have to “diet” again!

-The Alternative Daily

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