BREAKING: Multiple Fatalities In NYC After Truck Attack

BREAKING: Multiple fatalities are being reported in lower Manhattan after a man drove a Home Depot Rental Truck in a bike lane. He hit multiple vehicles before being detained by police.”

Reports claim that at least five people were run down while walking on the street after the truck hit a crowd of pedestrians in the Tribeca region.

Witnesses went to social media after hearing gunshots, which were from police. The driver had only a paintball gun and a BB-Gun on him. NYPD Tweeted that the person is in custody and the area is shut down.

So far, NYPD has confirmed that 6 people are dead and 15 people are hurt.

Pictures and videos from the scene as they come in:

4:22pm EST

The driver also hit a school bus, fatalities reported:

UPDATE: 5:01pm EST:

Tweets from witnesses—>

UPDATE: 6:28 pm EST

The suspect, a 29-year-old male, is in custody and the incident is now being investigated as terrorism. Witnesses are reporting that the man was yelling “Allahu Akbar” during the rampage. At least eight people have been killed.

More updates will be posted as they come in.

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