Bananas: A Key Ingredient in 8 Traditional Home Remedies

You likely already know that bananas are remarkably healthy, and that they are a great source of potassium. You may also know that they are a great source of other minerals, such as copper, magnesium, and manganese, as well as B-vitamins and vitamin C. However, are you aware of the many traditional home remedies that include bananas?

Bananas grow in tropical climates, and are thought to have originated in Malaysia hundreds of years ago. They have also been widely cultivated across India, the Philippines and Africa since ancient times. Bananas came to the West in the late 1400’s, and their popularity spread throughout the mainland in the 20th century when refrigeration became available.

The following is just a small sampling of the array of banana folk remedies from around the world:

Heartburn: The texture and mildness of bananas can help to neutralize stomach acid.

Constipation: A traditional Hawaiian remedy for constipation combines mashed bananas, kukui nuts, kalo and spring water, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Diarrhea: In Saudi Arabia, bananas are eaten to combat diarrhea. Green bananas are best because they help slow down elimination. The potassium is also useful for electrolyte replacement.

Hemorrhoids: To soothe the inflammation of hemorrhoids, the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine suggests eating one banana per day on an empty stomach, or three bananas per day if the hemorrhoids are bleeding. Others say that applying the inside of a banana peel directly to the hemorrhoid is effective.

Warts: A relatively well-known folk remedy for warts is taping a banana skin, flesh-side down, over a wart overnight, repeating each night until the wart is gone. Alternately, others suggest simply applying some of the inside peel flesh directly to the wart.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): The tryptophan found in bananas works to elevate the mood, therefore helping to beat the winter blues.

Smoking cessation: The B-vitamins and minerals found in bananas may help to ease the discomfort of nicotine withdrawal.

Diabetes: In India, bananas are used in traditional diabetes remedies, due to their blood sugar-balancing effects.

Banana cutWhile not all of the above-listed folk remedies have been scientifically tested, people have been using them for generations, and would not have done so if they didn’t get results at least some of the time; different remedies work for different individuals depending on the case.

Whether you choose to use bananas medicinally, or simply eat them for their amazing flavor and nutritional density, these tropical superfoods can definitely play a major role in boosting health.

-The Alternative Daily


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