Could Some “Bad Habits” Actually Be Good for You?

We all have our own individual habits. Some are better for us than others, and some that you wouldn’t expect to be good may actually be healthy. For example, it’s hard to believe that picking your nose could be a good thing. One thing’s for sure, it’s gross.

Read on and see if your “bad habit” of choice may actually be good for you.

Eating chocolate. Studies have shown that eating chocolate is actually good for you… it may even help prevent heart disease. There are antioxidant compounds in chocolate that make your veins more flexible and help lower your blood pressure.

The trick to getting the benefits of chocolate is eating unsweetened, organic, raw dark chocolate with 70% cacao. Making a dessert? Melt it down and sweeten it yourself with organic coconut crystals, or some raw stevia leaves.

Picking your nose. Not only picking it, but eating it too! A Canadian professor believes that eating mucus from your nose actually boosts your immune system. He also believes that we have become so afraid of germs that we need to put them back into our system. So, by this logic, pick away!

Drinking coffee. Drinking a cup or two of coffee in the morning is okay… maybe more than ok. Coffee has been shown to help regulate mood, and may prevent depression in some people. Plus, coffee has antioxidants which are linked to preventing many chronic diseases, including cancer.

Not so fast, though. This doesn’t give you permission to down a whole pot: too much caffeine will give you the jitters and make you a nervous wreck.

chocolateShowing anger. Bottling up your anger is never healthy – you need to find a way to express and resolve it. The trick to dealing with your anger is finding out why you’re mad, and what you can do about it. Just remember, before you act on your anger, sleep on it. If you’re still angry about it in the morning, try to resolve what made you angry in the first place so you can take your next step.

If you need to confront someone who is making you angry, do it in a healthy way. Do not scream and shout – but do assertively tell the person why you are angry, using examples, and looking them in the eye. You confidence will ensure that your message is heard.

Getting stressed. It’s ok to have a little stress in your life. Healthy, intermittent stress can motivate you to get things done, and can help you perform better. While it’s ok to stress a bit, try not to make it a habit. Chronic stress – stress which is ongoing – has been shown to be very damaging to the body and mind.

You do need time to relax and recharge yourself on a regular basis. Try yoga, meditation, a mini-vacation with friends, or just going for a run.

Skipping a shower. Showers can be harsh on a body. Between the heat of the water and the harshness of the soap, you can actually dry out your skin and deplete it of its natural oils. So, skipping a shower every once in a while is good for you. As far as the soap, use a gentle, organic variety.

Napping. No need to feel guilty taking a nap. Taking a 20-30 minute nap is a good way to rejuvenate your mind and body. Try to make it under 30 minutes, or over an hour and a half, or you may feel groggy upon awakening.

So… nap, eat your (raw dark) chocolate, and get mad – they’re good for you! Oh, and if you’re going to pick your nose and eat it, please do it the privacy of your own home.

-The Alternative Daily


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