Are Your Hooves Causing Other Chronic Health Issues?

Are Your Hooves Causing Other Chronic Health Issues?

Have you loved your feet today? Over 25% of the bones in the human body are in the feet. If any of these bones become misaligned, it can affect your overall health. Perhaps your hips are sore, or even your knees or lower back, the problem, experts say, may be coming from your feet. Foot problems can also cause headaches, stomach aches and a host of other physiological problems such as adrenal stress and blood sugar fatigue.

The Rise of Reflexology

Reflexology is used by millions of people all over the world for conditions including asthma, anxiety, diabetes, headaches, sinusitis, kidney problems and PMS. The origins of reflexology date back to ancient Egypt and were studied intently as Zone Therapy, the precursor to modern reflexology, in the early 1900’s by doctors interested in self healing. These early researchers noted that pressure in certain areas of the body could eliminate pain and often cure the underlying cause of the pain. A physical therapist in the 1930’s discovered that the reflexes in the feet directly mirrored the organs in the body.

Foot Energy

Reflexes in the foot become present when the foot is misaligned, and trigger or sore point appear. Reflexologists apply acupressure-like stimulation to the active points on to encourage certain parts of the body, organs and glands to work more effectively. When the foot is properly aligned, the reflexes are triggered naturally when we walk.

Problems with foot alignment can also interfere with energy meridians that travel through the foot. When these points are blocked, health problems may occur in the corresponding glands and organs such as the spleen, liver, kidney and bladder. All energy meridians associated with acupuncture begin and end at the hands and feet. In Chinese medicine sickness is caused by an imbalance in this energy (Chi), either too little or too much.

Mechanical Problems

The nerve receptors in the foot send pertinent information to our central nervous system. This vital data tracks such things as where certain parts of the body are at each movement and how fast they are moving, how much pressure they are receiving and in what direction they are moving. Foot problems scramble up these messages, which result in mechanical issues in the body. With each step, the foot sends information that will turn on or off our muscles. It is this switching on and off that allows us to walk. This is how foot problems can result in hip, neck, shoulder, jaw and knee problems. Even headaches can be caused by misinformation. If one muscle is not firing the way it should, muscles on the other side of the body become tight, and this pulls bones out of alignment and causes
pain and inflexibility.

Are Your Hooves Causing Other Chronic Health Issues?Why Good Shoes Matter

Respecting your feet begins with the investment of a pair or two of good shoes. You are much better off with fewer shoes of better quality than a closet full of shoes that could compromise your health. Good shoes protect the feet and provide support. The best shoes for walking have laces and a medium size heel. While sandals such as Tevas and Birkenstocks are fantastic if you are standing still, once you start moving your foot slides around inside and has remarkably little support. Shoes with high heels cause many problems because they throw the body off balance.

How much do you love your feet?

-The Alternative Daily

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