Are You Rubbing Toxins on the Largest Organ of Your Body?

Are You Rubbing Toxins on the Largest Organ of Your Body?

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. Whatever you’re putting on (or in) your body including conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and lotion, is being absorbed and either encouraging good health or wreaking havoc on your system.

Are You Rubbing Toxins on the Largest Organ of Your Body?Do you know what’s in your skin care products? Many products we use contain harsh chemicals, parabens (which have been linked to cancer), and artificial ingredients.

When you’re on the path to losing weight and creating hormonal balance, you must take into account what you’re using in the shower, your make-up choices and other skin care and body products.

Want to know a few skin care ingredients that may be causing problems in your health?

1. Parabens. Ingredients like methylparaben or butylparaben are common in a lot of beauty products. They have been found in breast cancer tumors and have been linked to serious long-term diseases. They’re also considered endocrine disrupters and can cause reproductive problems. Avoid products with parabens at all cost.

2. Fragrance. Unless you’re using a product that’s scented with essential oils, most companies use chemicals to artificially create a scent. Besides creating an allergy issue, chemical-laden fragrances can be a hormone disrupter. To be safe, choose products made with essential oils or natural scents.

3. Preservatives. To extend the life of products (so they don’t spoil), companies use preservatives such as methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone which may be a neurotoxin. Look at the labels of the products you’re using and make sure it’s not laden with preservatives.

It seems daunting to check and research the ingredients in everything you use, so learn more about the ingredients in your skin care products by logging on the EWG’s website. The Environmental Working Group has done all the research for you (so you can easily find out which products are safe and which are causing problems in your health and hormones).

To find out how your skin care products measure up, go to You’ll find reviews and ratings on over 77,000 skin care products which can help you find and make a positive product decision.

Check the labels of your products and if you find any of the above ingredients in what you’re using, take the next step.

Action Step: Once a month, vow to change a product in your skin care or make-up routine if it’s not up to par and replace it with a natural, healthy, safe alternative.

Remember, it’s not just about nutrition and exercise or living a positive lifestyle, what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Make one switch a month to a better product and improve your overall health!

– Katie Humphrey

As a keynote speaker, empowerment coach, author and spokesperson, Katie Humphrey inspires women to feel fit, confident and motivated. Her dynamic Revolution of YOU brand helps overwhelmed and stressed out women confidently reach their goals.

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