If You’re Drinking THESE In Your Morning Coffee, Beware

I love coffee. A day does not go by that I do not enjoy at least two cups (some days more like three or four) of delicious coffee. I like my coffee with cream and coconut crystals, though I also enjoy experimenting with variations from time to time. There are many great ingredients to try — for example, a coffee and banana smoothie is pretty great. However, there is one thing that I recommend never putting in your coffee: artificial creamer.

Years ago, I worked in several different offices. A few always had coffee brewed (which was amazing), and packets of those blue, green, brown and white artificial creamers. Alongside them was the large can of powdered creamer. Being an experimental person, I tried each type. While some tasted good in a sickeningly sweet sort of way, with each type, I was left with a nasty stomachache later in the day. I soon switched back to real half and half or cream.

It wasn’t until much later that I learned about how unhealthy artificial creamers — both powdered and liquid — actually are. The following are just a few ingredients you may find in them. Check labels closely for these.

Here are some things you’ll find in artificial creamers:

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