5 Ways to Wind Down from a Rough Week

Once you clock out on Friday evening, you feel tired and drained from a rough week. Thankfully, you can unwind and de-stress using a variety of quick and simple techniques. These are all natural and they will help you to find your inner calm in no time. This allows you to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body for a fun weekend ahead.

Go Outdoors

Weather permitting, spending a little time outside is a prime way to melt away the stresses of the week. Go for a hike, swim a few laps or just sit in the backyard and read a book. Just an hour outdoors will help you to center yourself so that you can prepare for the weekend ahead. If the weather outside is not ideal, photos of nature can also be helpful. As you look at the photos, take a few deep breaths, stretch gently and focus on all of the colors in the photos.


Meditation is something that anyone can do to refocus and relax. Sit in a place that is comfortable and quiet and breathe in a controlled manner. As you slowly inhale and exhale, concentrate on your breathing and focus on its rhythm. If thoughts pop into your head, simply acknowledge them and allow them to pass. You can meditate for as long as it takes to feel better, but at least 15 minutes is ideal.


Getting a massage is one of the most relaxing things you can do, but if you do not have time to get to the spa, you can perform a quick self-massage. You can use a tennis ball to massage your feet by rolling it around beneath them. You can also massage your neck and upper shoulders by applying gentle pressure with your pointer finger and thumb. If you find a knot, apply deep pressure for 20 seconds and then release to help break it up.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is cleansing and one of the best ways to re-center yourself. Sit somewhere comfortable and quiet and start by taking in a deep breath. Hold the breath in for five seconds and slowly let it out over 10 seconds. Imagine the stress and tension leaving your body as you exhale. Do three to 10 deep breaths to feel better.

Read a Book

stressWhen you read a book, you allow yourself to escape into a whole new world. Choose a book that completely engrosses you so that your mind is not distracted by the happenings of the week. Allow yourself to get completely lost in the book and when you are finished reading, you will find that the week you just had is over and in the past. Most people read for about an hour to help relieve stress and feel more centered.

All of these techniques work well to alleviate the stress from your week. You can also use these any time you feel stress or are having a bad day. Use one, or use them all, and get your weekend started on the right foot.

-The Alternative Daily


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