5 Reasons Why Your Great, Great, Great Grandparents Were Healthier Than You

While it is true that our ancestors may not have lived as long as us, there is evidence that they lived healthier lives. Although our life expectancy may be greater, we get sick more often and have lifestyle illnesses that, at one point in time, did not exist.

Times were hard and there was not the technology that we have today, but our distant relatives did not battle with heart disease, strokes, diabetes and high blood pressure; medical conditions that rob millions of lives each year in America. Most deaths were due to accidents or infections; things that our modern medical system addresses today.

Here are five possible reasons why our ancestors may have enjoyed more vital lives than we do today. The good news is that we too can enjoy this freedom; we can change our current lifestyles and embrace any of these healthy living strategies today.

Natural Sunlight

Our ancestors did not have the modern conveniences that we have today. Without a grocery store on every block, they had to work hard for their food. Growing, hunting, cooking and saving food involved being outdoors all day long under the sun, soaking up vitamins E and D. This exposure to natural sunlight alone can do a great deal for health.

Try to get at least twenty minutes a day outdoors to reap the benefits of the sun’s free life-promoting energy.


Hands down, our ancestors got more exercise than we do. Chasing prey through the woods, foraging for food, building shelters and traveling by foot are just some of the ways that our ancestors stayed in shape. No need for an elliptical or exercise video – their lives were so physical that they could not help but be in top shape.

Aim for a brisk 20 minute walk daily, preferably outdoors. Work up to 10,000 steps daily. Although this is probably a fraction of what our relatives walked, it goes a long way towards promoting strong bones, muscles and heart health.

Fruits and Vegetables

Our ancestors consumed fruits and vegetables from untainted soils, rich in biodiversity, vitamins and minerals. Fresh food, ripe off the vine, supplied all the nutrients to keep one healthy. No chips, candy bars or soda were to be found. Processed carbohydrates and dairy products were not to be found.

Increase your consumption of preferably raw, organic fruits and vegetables. Your plate should be colorful. The brighter the food the more phytonutrients it contains. Phytonutrients help fight disease and slow the aging process.

Healthy Meat

Before we began factory farming livestock, meat was rich in natural purines, and animals lived off of the land. It was not full of antibiotics, steroids, GMO feed and stress hormones. At one time, quite a lot of meat was consumed, which provided fuel for brains and bones, as well as other important bodily functions.

The meat consumed by our great relatives included wild game and fish. Researchers feel that our brain growth and activity has slowed down since we stopped eating so much healthy meat.

Consume organic, grass-fed meat,  fresh-caught fish and free-range poultry. Stay clear of processed, packaged and industrialized meat.

cabinSimple Life

Life was so much simpler back in the day. There was less daily stress and hustle and bustle. Even though our ancestors worked hard, they slept well and had very little social pressure to perform, get ahead or compete with others. Simple things made them happy,  and they followed a routine that was free from distractions.

De-clutter; get rid of things that you do not need. Practice taking time each day to be still. Learn how to prevent stress before it happens and always live life with optimism.

While they may not have been rich materially, those that lived before us were rich in health, and that alone brought them happiness. Would you live a simpler life today if you knew you could be healthier?

-The Alternative Daily

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