5 Harmful Foods and Drinks for Weight Gain

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So, perhaps you have put on a few pounds, and are doing a close assessment of your diet with the intention of cutting out foods that might be contributing to your weight gain. Here is a snapshot of 5 harmful foods that can cause you to hang on to unwanted fat.

Once you cut these foods out, you should notice a substantial difference in the way your pants fit, assuming that you are living an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

French fries and weight gain

French Fries/Potato Chips

It’s not that potatoes in and of themselves are unhealthy it’s just what we do to potatoes that really ruins them. In many research studies, French fries have been implicated in weight gain.

In addition, potatoes that are fried or baked may contain acrylamides, substances that are thought to increase the risk of cancer. It is best to eat your potatoes boiled!

White bread high glycemic index

White Bread

Oh, the dreaded white sandwich bread. While it used to be all the rage in the 70’s, white bread has taken a serious nose dive as more and more people discover that it is highly refined and contains nothing more than dangerous empty calories. Its high glycemic index means that it spikes blood sugar which can lead to weight gain. In one study people who ate two slices of white bread per day had a 40% greater risk of weight gain and obesity than people who did not eat two slices of white bread per day. If you must eat bread, try eating bread made from sprouted grain or make your own that is loaded with ingredients that your body can use for energy.

Ice cream is full of sugar and fat

Ice Cream

Millions of people across the US enjoy ice cream on a daily basis. This habit is definitely contributing to expanding waistlines and increase in morbid obesity. Ice cream is delicious but also addictive and generally loaded with sugar and very high in calories. If you are looking for a healthy substitute, try frozen full-fat yogurt.

Refined flour and processed meat and cheese


Unless you make your own, healthy version, it is best to stay clear of commercial pizza. This favorite fast food generally contains things like refined flour and processed meat and cheese. High in empty calories, pizza doesn’t really contain anything of value for your body to use as energy and when consumed on a regular basis, can lead to excessive weight gain.

Flavoring in coffee ruins its health benefits

Fancy Coffee Drinks

Coffee, like potatoes, can be very healthy when prepared the right way. Caffeine, the psychoactive substance in coffee can increase energy levels and can actually boost metabolic rates. Studies have found that caffeine can increase fat burn by up to 10% in obese persons and 29% in lean persons. Coffee is also the biggest source of antioxidants in the Western diet. Studies show that people get more antioxidants from coffee than from fruits and vegetables combined.

So, here is the bad news…most people don’t drink their coffee black, which is the preferred way to drink coffee. The majority of people consume coffee loaded with sugar, creamers, flavorings and other things that outweigh the good in coffee by far. If you love coffee, and you should, stick to a little whole milk or nut milk and stevia for flavoring. A super healthy way to drink coffee is to add a little coconut oil, grass-fed butter, cinnamon, and stevia and blend. This supercharged coffee drink will skyrocket your metabolism and give you a healthy energy boost that will last for hours.

Keeping these five foods/drinks out of your diet and adding plenty of healthy options like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein and lots of water will help kick your metabolism into gear!!

-The Alternative Daily

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