4 Toxic Body Signals You Should Never Ignore

4 Toxic Body Signals You Should Never Ignore

Have you ever wondered if the pains we feel on a regular basis are really “normal”? Is it normal to get frequent headaches?  To have aches and pains all over or to gain weight?  Is it normal to be forgetful or to walk around in a fog, to feel tired and energy-less?  Is it normal to get food cravings even when you know you are not hungry?

4 Toxic Body Signals You Should Never IgnoreAs a society have come to think of all of these as “normal” because these are so common. But, not only are these symptoms not normal, they are your body’s way of telling you something is wrong and it needs your immediate care.  Think of these warning signs the same as you would the dashboard of your car.  If you were driving down the road and your check engine light came on, would you just ignore it and keep driving hoping the car would fix itself ?  Or would you take action and have your car fixed?

If you are gaining weight (despite efforts to lose weight) have constant food cravings, get frequent headaches, have unexplained aches and pains, are tired and have no energy, and are unable to think clearly, your body is giving you some pretty serious signals that it’s not working correctly. Quite simply, it is overloaded and needs some attention.

Overloaded with what exactly?  In a word Toxins.  Toxins are all around us Everything from our food & water supply, the air we breathe, the products we put on our skin, lifestyle choices, and the amount of stress in our lives contribute every minute of every day to how many toxins are floating around in our bodies.

Your body is designed to filter out toxins, however, the amount of toxins we are exposed to everyday is alarming and WAY beyond what our bodies internal cleaning system were designed to handle.  Keep reading to learn how toxins are directly linked to the most common ailments we suffer from.

  1. Weight Gain- One of the most interesting facts about toxins is they are fat soluble.  What makes this fascinating is that your body knows this and captures all the toxins floating around in your body and hides them away in your fat cells as a defense mechanism to protect your vital organs from harm.  The more toxins you have floating around, the more fat cells your body makes.  Trying to lose weight and can’t?  It’s because you skipped the first and most important step, A full body detox.  
  2. Headaches & Foggy Brain- Speaking of fat, did you know 60 percent of your brain matter consists of fats.  This means that your brain is storing toxic chemicals too.  Specifically artificial sweeteners like splenda, aspartame, and saccharin often found in diet drinks, have been associated with headaches.
  3. Food Cravings- Toxic bodies often crave processed sugary and salty foods.  Craving food is a sign your body is overloaded with toxins and is not getting what it really needs.  Let’s think about this on a cellular level.  A single cell can only store one thing at a time, it’s either storing a nutrient or a toxin.  If your cells are full of toxins then even if you do eat a nutrition rich meal, your body can’t fully absorb the nutrients which leaving you unsatisfied and craving more food.
  4. Fatigue & Lack of Energy– Do you wake up feeling unrested?  Perhaps you are unable to be the person you want to be simply because you have no energy.  Toxin overload can leave your body burdened and feeling heavy.  A fully body cleanse can leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated, and full of energy.

American’s store between 400 and 800 chemicals in their bodies.  It’s impossible to tell how toxic your body really is.  There are a few tests out there that can isolate certain groups of chemicals like the “Body Burden Test”.  Although it can help to identify environmental chemicals found in your body, it can’t determine the true “burden” or how sick it’s actually made your body.  You should assume given the amount of toxins we are exposed to that there are excess toxins in your body that should not be there.

Performing  a full body cleanse at least every 3 months keeps toxins moving out of your body and protects you from all the health risks you just read about so that your body can be healthy and strong.

– Angela Garrison

As a Health and Wellness expert, Angela is helping people unleash their super-power ability to prevent their bodies from getting sick in the future.  Angela is also a Children’s Health Advocate and author of The Alternative Daily’s Toxin-Free Revolution Program. To learn more on how to naturally remove toxins from your, Click Here.

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