21 Reasons To Eat More Carrots

They’re crunchy, they’re sweet, rabbits love them… I’m talking, of course, about carrots. Carrots are one of the most commonly eaten veggies in the United States, and for good reason. These delectable roots can do wonders for your health. The following are 21 reasons to get more carrots into your snacks, meals, juices… wherever!

Benefit from an impressive array of nutrients

Carrots are rich in vitamins, including vitamin A, several B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. They also contain fiber and the minerals biotin, copper, folate and potassium, to name just a few.

Enjoy a wealth of antioxidants

The antioxidant profile of carrots packs a punch and includes beta-carotene, lutein and anthocyanidins. Vitamins A, C and E are also potent antioxidants.

Reduce chronic inflammation

Thanks to the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in carrots, these veggies can help to lower chronic inflammation. If your body is inflamed over the long-term, diseases can develop and fester. Getting chronic inflammation under control is key!

Improve your eyesight

Eating carrots can help to protect your eyes because they are high in beta-carotene, an antioxidant which converts to vitamin A in the body. A diet rich in beta-carotene can help to prevent night blindness and may also reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a common eye condition in elderly people.

Give your skin a healthy glow

The vitamins and antioxidants found in carrots help to fight free radicals throughout the body, and free radical overgrowth is one big culprit of lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. On top of that, vitamin E is a very important vitamin for keeping skin looking youthful and radiant.

Boost your immune system

Although carrots are most famous for their vitamin A content, they also contain an ample amount of vitamin C, which is imperative for the proper function of the immune system. Eating plenty of this vitamin can help your body to fight off all kinds of diseases and illnesses.

Support healthy digestion

Carrots are rich in fiber, which is important for keeping you regular. Fiber helps to keep things moving through your body, and if you do not eat enough of it, you may experience constipation, diarrhea or other digestive discomforts. Carrots contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, both of which are necessary for healthy digestion.

Lower heart disease risk

The fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants found in carrots also help to protect your heart. Orange and yellow vegetables such as carrots have been found to be especially protective against cardiovascular disease.

Reduce your risk of stroke

Research has found that a diet high in antioxidants, and especially in vitamin C, can help to reduce stroke risk. Carrots have antioxidants in spades and a good dose of vitamin C.

Balance your blood pressure

Carrots contain potassium, a necessary mineral for keeping your blood pressure under control. They also contain coumarin, which has also been found by research to lower blood pressure.

Regulate your blood sugar

Research has found that a diet rich in carotenoids may be associated with improving insulin resistance and combating diabetes.

Fight cancer

A number of studies have found that eating foods high in beta-carotene may help to prevent various cancers. Specifically, beta-carotene consumption may help to prevent prostate cancer, breast cancer and stomach cancer, to name a few.

Maintain healthy teeth and gums

Munching on a carrot helps your mouth to produce more saliva, which helps to keep oral bacteria under control. This helps to keep your breath fresh, and your mouth free of disease.

Detoxify your system

Because of their vast nutritional profile, carrots are a great addition to a healthy detox regimen. You can juice them, add them to healthy salads or simply munch on them for a snack.

They’re great raw, or cooked by various methods

There are countless recipes in which carrots would be a welcome addition! They’re great raw in salads and slaws, steamed with your other favorite veggies, added to stews and soups, sauteed in stir fries and much more!

They go great in sweet and savory dishes

Along with your favorite savory recipes, carrots go great in desserts. We’ve all heard of carrot cake, but carrots can also be added to healthy sorbet, cookie and parfait recipes. They can be caramelized with coconut crystals or honey and added to any dessert your imagination can fathom.

They make a yummy pickle!

All you need to make a quick pickle is some water, some sea salt and some apple cider vinegar. Cut carrots thinly and place in about eight cups of water, about 2/3 cup of apple cider vinegar and just under half a cup of sea salt. Marinade until you achieve the desired taste, and enjoy with any meal!

They add some color and pizzaz to your meals

Carrots add brightness to your dishes. Along with the regular orange carrot, you can find yellow, red, purple, and white carrots to accent your meals however you wish.

They’re a great outlet for your creative knife skills

If you’ve got a flair for food art and creative plate presentation, carrots are a great canvas. They can be cut and shaved into flowers, stars, and more to impress guests and delight kids into eating their veggies.

They make a refreshing, nutritious juice

For a detox, carrot juice is an excellent staple. Even if you’re not detoxing, the juice of fresh organic carrots is sweet (but not too sweet), refreshing and simply delicious. You can drink this juice alone or add it to smoothies.

They’re easy to grow

Carrots are a very easy veggie to grow straight from the seed. A patch of garden, some water, some sunshine and they’ll be popping up before you know it. If you don’t have garden space, you can also grow carrots inside in a container. Smaller varieties of carrots work great for this purpose.

Have you eaten your carrots today?

–Tanya Rakhmilevich

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