17 Things You Probably Have Too Many Of

Clutter can be both a figurative and a literal headache. Truly clearing clutter goes beyond just getting rid of some knick-knacks and throwing out old mail – you have to completely reevaluate what you need and what you don’t. Only then can your home’s energy start to vibe with yours.

The following are 17 items around your home that you may have in excessive amounts:


If you’re like most people, you probably have way too many towels. A stack unter the bathroom counter, some in the laundry room, and a few in the linen closet. You really only need three towels per household member. Recycle the old, stained, ripped-up ones into cleaning rags, and get rid of some of your old rags.


Sheets, blankets, and pillowcases all seem to build up, taking up valuable closet space. You should only need two sets of sheets per bed. That way when one set is in the wash, you can put on the opposite set. Donate all your unneeded bedding to a local animal rescue. They will provide lots of furry friends with a comfortable bed.

Glasses and mugs

Maybe you have bought one from every city you visited, or just received an overabundance of mugs as gifts. If this is the case, it’s probably time to scale back. After all, you can only use one glass at a time. If you have a few that you really love, keep them, but donate the rest.


You know you have too much. If you’re like many people, you collect it when it goes on sale and shove it in the back of your makeup drawer. Sort through everything you have: if it’s not your favorite brand, it’s old, or not your favorite color, trash it. Only keep what you know you will use.

Clothes and shoes

This seems to be everyone’s weakness. You see a cute shirt, and you HAVE to buy it even though you have 65 other shirts at home. If this is your issue, force yourself to get rid of two shirts every time you buy one. Eventually you will have scaled your closet back. Usually, you look better when you have less choices, anyways.


Socks tend to be one of those things that build up over time. If you have to shove hard to get your drawer to close, it’s time to do some weeding out. Any pair that has holes, is wearing thin, or is just simply old should be trashed or recycled. The same goes for all those unmatched socks that you keep thinking the match will just magically appear.

Old socks make a perfect dusting cloth, so while you are scaling back and organizing, why not do a little cleaning?


Like socks, underwear will build up over time. It’s best to toss out any pairs that are older than one year. Same goes for any with holes, or uncomfortable ones. You should not need any more than 10-12 pairs, unless you really slack with your laundry.


You know that one cupboard you close really fast and hope nothing falls out? It’s likely the one that has WAY too much tupperware in it. Sort through everything. Get rid of old plastic ones that may be harboring bacteria. As for the rest of them, keep only a few of each size.

Cleaning products

You only need one bottle of all purpose cleaner and furniture polish. Try to combine a few cleaners that are almost gone, and sort through the rest. Most of you cleaners can be replaced with a healthier homemade cleaner anyways.

Reusable grocery bags

Ugh. You forgot your reusable grocery bags again, so what do you do? Buy five new ones. Eventually you end up with way too many. Donate your extra bags to a thrift shop, or give a few to someone who has not switched over to reusable yet. Remember to always put your bags back in the car after putting away your groceries. This way, you won’t have to keep buying new ones.


You accidentally steal one from the bank, you buy a pack because it’s on sale, and you get a free one with your online order. Eventually your little pen jar is overflowing. Get rid of all the pens that have run out and are low on ink, and only keep a few that write really well. If you get new ones, replace old ones with them.

Craft supplies

I know you really, really want to make that DIY project off your favorite blog, but you already have three totes full of craft supplies in the back of the closet. If this is you, make a deal with yourself. Use up all the supplies you already have before buying any new ones.

Kitchen gadgets

Who really needs 31 rubber spatulas?! Sort through your kitchen drawers and only keep a few of each item. While you’re at it, get rid of anything you never use, as well.


beautiful woman can not finding anythingIs your closet full of mismatched hangers? Get rid of all the excess and just keep what you need. If you only have just enough for the clothes you have, it will also be easier for you to keep your clothes inventory down.

Candles and soaps

I know you keep getting them as gifts and you can only use so many, but maybe it’s time to cut back. Keep only a few soaps, and only the candles you are going to use.


If you get flowers as gifts often, you probably have too many vases. If this is the case, re-gift a few with homemade flower arrangements.


Chances are, you probably have at least three spices on your shelf that you have never used, and maybe never even opened. If you are one of these spice hoarders, it’s time to sort through, and cut back. If you have not used it in a month, you probably never will.

Remember, your home is your sacred space to unwind, relax, and get back to yourself. Make sure the items in your home are not dragging you down. Scaling down on unnecessary possessions may seem like a small thing, but you may be amazed at how much more zen, and productive, your home will feel afterwards.

-The Alternative Daily


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