13 Things to Never Put in the Microwave

The microwave is a handy tool when you want to heat up those leftovers or need hot food quick. However, there are several things that you should NEVER put in your microwave.

  1. Grapes: Grapes do not absorb microwaves very well. They will most likely explode as soon as you start heating them.
  2. Tin foil: You should never put any kind of metal in the microwave, including foil. There is a high possibility you could start a fire.
  3. Travel mugs: Stainless steel travel mugs are a big no no. Plastic mugs can sometimes be microwaved, but be sure to check the bottom first.
  4. Chiles: Chiles can catch fire in the microwave. Even if they do not catch fire, the steam from opening the microwave door will burn your eyes and throat.
  5. Plates with a metallic trim: Back to the metal thing – don’t put it in the microwave. It could explode, damaging your china and your microwave.
  6. Paper bags: Heating food in paper bags can leach chemicals into your meal. Worse than that, the paper could start a fire.
  7. Plastic bags: Like paper, plastic bags should be kept out of the microwave Not only will they melt, but they also leach chemicals when heated.
  8. Eggs: Making hard boiled eggs in the microwave is really just a bad idea. They will more than likely explode, creating a huge mess.
  9. Take out containers: Like plastic bags, they will often melt and leach chemicals.
  10. Sponges: Some people will tell you to put a sponge in the microwave to disinfect it. This can actually start a fire and leave a mess in your microwave. It’s much easier just to buy a new clean sponge.
  11. Hand Opening MicrowavePlastic food storage containers: While some are microwave safe, other containers may melt or warp in the microwave. Make sure to read the bottom of the container first before nuking.
  12. Water: Trying to boil water in the microwave can actually cause an explosion. A stove top or electric kettle is a much better option.
  13. Frozen meat: Defrosting meat in the microwave can cause it to heat unevenly and encourage bacterial growth. It’s much healthier to defrost the meat in your fridge.

-The Alternative Daily


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