Yes, Your Dog Does Make You a Better Person: Here’s How

Besides the fact that dogs are just plain awesome, having a dog for a pet just might inspire you to be a better person. Dogs can give us a special friendship we won’t get anywhere else, and they can open our eyes to a unique view of the world.


It is truly amazing how patient a dog can be. It is not uncommon for them to sit by the window or door and wait for hours until the return of their beloved owner. They are a great testament that some things are worth waiting for, and patience does pay off in the end.

Unconditional love

Your dog loves you no matter what. You really are the center of your pet’s world. You give them food, shelter and love, and they would do anything for you in return. Utter devotion from your dog is a great example of how we should always treat our family and loved ones – and others in general.


A dog is an excellent judge of character. When you take them out on a walk, they may lead you to a new friend. Many people are drawn to dogs, and they often strike up a conversation with the owner while admiring the animal. Not to mention, companion pets like dogs can give you a sense of meaning and positive mental energy.

Concern for the environment

Caring for a dog can make you more environmentally friendly. Taking care of them can change you in ways like being more careful with your garbage, or making smarter choices about lawn and weed products. Even a walk around the neighborhood gives you a better appreciation of seeing others not littering up the street or grounds.

They keep you active

Dogs give you the perfect motivation to get up and be active. Whether walking, running or exercising your dog with play, interacting with your canine will keep you on the move. Research published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2010 showed that children with dogs were more physically active at a moderate to vigorous level more often than children without dogs.

According to a study by Canadian researchers from the University of Victoria, dog owners tended to spend an average of 300 minutes per week walking, compared to 168 minutes spent by non-dog owners.

They make you happier

person walking the dog on beachIn general, people with pets tend to be happier and more trusting than non-pet owners. Playing and snuggling with your dog also causes your serotonin levels to increase along with your dopamine levels. These reactions lower cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” resulting in lowered anxiety.

Research has shown that petting a dog can help you relax and decrease your level of stress. It is believed that the act of emotional bonding releases the hormone oxytocin and lowers blood pressure.

Have you hugged a furry friend today?

-The Alternative Daily


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