Why Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Us and How to Naturally Repel Them

Nothing screams summer more than family BBQ’s beneath the hot July moon and the feeling of lush green grass on your bare feet. As you nibble your way through a slice of watermelon, that unavoidable pest is awaiting its chance for a nibble too … but on you. Although mosquitoes seem to be impossible to avoid, there are ways to eliminate how you attract them.

After a long run through the park it may feel like the most idealistic time to sip a glass of water on the front porch. Think again. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide/lactic acid, which we give off after we sweat. The moisture created through perspiration draws them in.

If your summer nights do consist of kicking your feet back on your patio, be sure to wear light clothing and avoid the potent fragrances. Mosquitoes love nothing more than that perfume you put on to smell good for a special evening.

In an effort to repel the little pests from causing too much irritation, look to repel them with natural oils including citronella oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, cinnamon or castor oil, just to name a few. Not only do they smell good but they also do not affect our health, like many common bug sprays.

But, if a bug repellant is your go-to, make sure to re-apply throughout the evening after activity. Sunscreen should also be used sparingly when mixed with repellent due to its ability to reduce its effectiveness.

– The Alternative Daily

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