Why Putting Coconut Oil and Ice on Your Crotch is a Good Thing

Most people have experienced it at some point or another. That annoying and painful burning of chafed skin. The groin (AKA crotch) is the area of your hip between your stomach and your thigh – where your abdomen ends, and your legs begin. It is in the inner folded region of the groin where chafing can be a significant problem. For some people, crotch chafing makes just walking difficult. The good news is, there are several quick solutions to help end painful and embarrassing groin chafing once and for all.

What causes groin chafing?

Chafing is generally caused by skin repeatedly rubbing against skin or layers of clothing. The addition of sweat in this area makes matters worse. Despite what you might think, both men and women experience excessive groin sweat that can cause chafing. It is this combination of sweat and friction that can lead to painful, weeping blisters and sores.

For men, poorly fitting underwear, that do not allow moisture to evaporate, can lead to painful chafing not only in the groin but also the testicles and scrotum. Men and women who are active and wear tight-fitting underwear may experience frequent chafing because tight-fitting underpants allow bacteria to breed easily. Using heavily perfumed products around the upper thigh area or abrasive hair removal techniques can cause trauma to highly delicate crotch skin, which makes chafing more likely and more painful.

How to end chafing

If you are presently experiencing chafing, try these natural ways to alleviate pain and speed up the healing process.

Coconut oil overnight healing

Coconut oil contains potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a soothing skin conditioner and pain reliever. The healthy fat in coconut oil makes it an excellent moisturizer and skin hydrator that can help ease the pain associated with irritated skin. If you experience frequent chafing, a night-time application of coconut oil can help minimize flare-ups and soothe sore skin. Apply a thin layer of unrefined, organic coconut oil to your groin area – especially in the folds of skin where chafing most often happens.  Be sure that your skin is clean and dry before you apply the oil.

Apply an ice pack to your groin

Applying an ice pack to your sore crotch area can help ease discomfort caused by inflammation. Two small bags of frozen peas work wonders if you don’t have an ice pack handy. Lay down, relax, and place two lightweight towels on the affected areas. Apply the ice pack on top of the towels and let it sit for about fifteen minutes.

Let fresh air in

Because many cases of chafing are the result of friction and moisture in the hidden folds of the groin skin, letting fresh air in can do wonders a speedy recovery. If you are able, expose your groin area to fresh air and a little sunshine daily.

Stop using scented soaps and lotions

Lotions, soaps, and body wash products are often loaded with synthetic fragrances and other ingredients that can aggravate sensitive skin. Avoid any harsh chemicals which may impede the healing process and use all-natural products instead.

How to prevent chafing

Once you get your sore chafed skin healed up, it is vital to make some changes that will help prevent a future outbreak. Here are some suggestions.

Choose the right clothing

The type of fabric you wear against your skin can make a tremendous difference and help prevent chafing outbreaks. Choose moisture-wicking, breathable cotton fabric that helps remove moisture from your skin.

Clothing fit is another consideration. Avoid undergarments that have tight elastic around your legs or don’t fit well. This is especially true if you are active. Experiment with various cuts of clothing until you find the best one for you that does not cause irritation. 

Choose your laundry detergent

Avoid heavily fragranced and synthetic products and go with something natural and unscented instead.

Stop shaving and waxing down under

When you shave or wax your pubic region close to the groin area, it can cause irritation and damage to sensitive skin. If you are prone to chafing, allow hair to grow freely in this area. Not only will it help to keep your skin healthy, but the hair acts as a buffer against friction.

Apply baking soda and cornstarch to your groin

All-natural baking soda is an excellent alternative to talc powders. On its own, baking soda can irritate highly sensitive skin, but when combined with cornstarch, it is protective. Applying a light layer of baking soda and cornstarch in areas that often chafe is a great way to help keep moisture off the skin. If you workout regularly – keep a little shaker bottle of the mixture in your gym bag apply before exercising.

-The Alternative Daily

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