6 Ways To Find A Job in Your Dream City

Is there a city out there that just makes you feel at home? Maybe it’s the sights, maybe it’s the sounds, maybe it’s the people… whatever the reason, this city makes you tick. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of living in this particular city, but have been unsure about how to secure your employment there.

It may be difficult to find work in certain cities because sometimes competition for positions can be intense. Or, there may not be many jobs available at a particular time. However, if you have a clear vision of what you want, have the skills to back it up and are persistent, you can land a job in your dream city. The following are six ways to search.

Get your resume out there

You probably already know that the first step to landing a new job anywhere is to polish your resume. Make sure it’s updated, read it over or send it to an editor friend to make sure there are no errors. Keep it clear, uncluttered and to the point. When writing cover letters for specific jobs in your dream city, mention in a couple of sentences that while you are not from said city, you are interested in relocating there. Include a few brief reasons that you want to settle in the city, if you wish.

You can post your resume online on numerous sites — some are general, some are profession specific. You can also search jobs by city on job search engines; Monster.com is a good place to start. Getting your resume on as many reputable employment sites as possible, and targeting your applications to locations in your chosen city, is probably the most straightforward way of finding a job there.  


The people that you know can help you to find opportunities you otherwise may have missed. If you know anyone from your dream city, talk to them about employment opportunities. Express your interest in relocating there and ask for suggestions. There may be local businesses and staffing agencies that you may not know about if their online presence isn’t great.

Additionally, get your resume onto LinkedIn and similar networking sites, and make a note that you are looking in a particular city. You could also search social media pages for communities in the city of your interest, then join to meet other people in the city and search for job opportunities.

Take a job-hunting vacation

Take a vacation to your dream city and hand out resumes.

One great way to find a job in your dream city is to take a trip there. If you want to experience the feel of your dream city while job searching, save up some cash and plan a job-hunting vacation. You may wish to go during the week if possible, as many employers take weekends off.

Before you arrive in the city, make sure you make copies of your updated resume. If you’ve been looking for jobs online, you can try to schedule some interviews before you go, or at least times to meet with employers and staffing agencies. You can also plan to walk, drive, bike or bus around the city to drop off resumes at places that look interesting. Make sure to look your best!

A vacation will also help you to make sure that the city is right for you. For example, I once considered moving to Chicago. I visited there for four days and inquired about some work opportunities. However, I ultimately decided I was not going to move there. Visiting really helped me to put the city in perspective. For me, it’s a great place to visit, but not to live.

Consider a short-term move

If you’ve got some money saved up, and are able to relocate for a couple of months, consider moving to your dream city for a while you search for your perfect job. If this is an affordable option for you, it can really pay off, because you’ll get to experience life in the city, meet people and make networking connections. You can also meet potential employers face to face while you search.

As an important bonus, you’ll also become familiar with the community you want to live in. You’ll figure out what part of the city you’d like to move to and what places you want to avoid.

Take a class

If you are able to make a short-term move to your dream city, or if the commute isn’t terribly far, consider taking a class at a university or a community college in the area. This can have many benefits. For one, you can gain more knowledge in an area pertaining to your profession, or master a skill that you’ll need for a field you’re trying to get into. You can also get a certification if your profession of choice requires one.

Also, universities and colleges are a great way to meet people in the area. These connections you make can open doors to additional opportunities.

Consider freelancing

To work in your dream city, consider finding a source of revenue online.

One way to be free to move wherever you want to go is to work from home. Freelancing has been growing steadily in the past several years, and many people find it more satisfying than commuting to an office or another type of job location. There are many websites that allow you to post a resume, complete skills tests and apply for jobs in various professions.

Google is your friend on this one; simply type in your profession and freelancing into search, then explore the results. Upwork.com is one great example which covers a number of fields. I found my freelancing position on Elance.com, which has now merged with Upwork.

If you land a steady freelancing position (or a series of steady contracts), you can live in the city of your dreams without actually having a job in the city. This means you won’t have to commute in city traffic and can choose the neighborhood you like without having to worry about workplace proximity. Freelancers can also often make their own schedules, depending on profession and contract. What’s not to love?

— Tanya Mead

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