Take the Edge off by Adding More Fiber into your Diet

Fiber is packed with nutritious benefits that often go unnoticed. Although the easiest fiber sources to name are obvious to any nutrition nut out there, there are a variety of foods that offer the same benefits as whole wheat bread and oatmeal. In fact, it may be even easier to consume more fiber given these options.

Not only does fiber fill us up and keep us feeling full, it also may help with diabetes, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In order to get these benefits though, we need to consume anywhere between 25 and 40 grams daily.

Go Straight to the Source…

Fruits like apples and kiwis are jammed pack with fiber and are also some of the easiest to get to on a daily basis. On the other hand, veggies like frozen peas and onions are always good to keep on hand. Add minced onion into any entrée at night and you will be sure to feel a tab more full climbing into bed.

With soluble and insoluble fiber, chia seeds also make great filler-uppers. Keeping a variety of nuts on stock is especially important for that go-to snack. Almonds are extremely high in their fiber content.

Next time hunger strikes, grab one of these munchies and they will be sure to carry you through until your next meal.

– The Alternative Daily

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