The Story Behind Super Sprowtz: Hats off to Sesame Street

Courtesy of TIme Out

Radha Agrawal has changed the way children look at vegetables. She was inspired to create Super Sprowtz, a line of vegetable superheroes, when she realized that children did not eat enough vegetables.

Radha and her twin sister owned a gluten free pizza shop in New York, and saw that children were not choosing pizza with vegetables. This concerned her, so she would make up stories for the children about how carrots gave you super sight or eggplants made you smarter.

She gave each of the vegetables their own super power, and soon the children were chomping down their pizza topped with all of the yummy vegetables. From there, “Super Sprowtz” was created.

Radha used the same technique that the creators of Sesame Street used: “By holding the attention of the children, you can educate them.” Radha would bring her characters to schools and lunchrooms, and now they can seen on the internet.

Because of her vision and her desire to have children eating healthier, Super Sprowtz and Cornell University’s Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Program performed a study across the 5 boroughs of New York City, focusing on 10 elementary schools. Short clips of Super Sprowtz were played in the cafeterias on TV’s placed around the room. The study was to see if these super veggies could make a difference in what children chose for lunch.

Courtesy of TIme Out
Courtesy of TIme Out

The experiment was a success. Students made the move to eat more salad and vegetables. Because of these findings, salad bars are now offered in all 1,300 elementary schools in the city, and soon salad bars will be in the Los Angeles and Puerto Rico public schools.

Radha has such a passion for children’s nutritional health that she now has her super veggies performing on the internet along with famous celebrities. Shaquille O’Neal, Russell Simmons, and even First Lady Michelle Obama have performed with Super Sprowtz.

With children watching more programs online, they can be educated and entertained at the same time, whether it’s at home or in the class room.

Radha’s passion is to have, “Super Sprowtz be an international children’s brand recognized as the leader in nutrition and wellness in education.”

-The Alternative Daily


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