Why You Should Stop Loving Fast Food French Fries

America’s love affair with french fries has been a major contributor to a slew of the chronic health conditions we now face. They are high in unhealthy fat and sodium, spike blood sugar with their high glycemic load (they are white potatoes, don’t forget) and they contain one of the highest sources of the carcinogen, acrylamide, in our food.

When foods containing both carbohydrates and the amino acid asparagine are prepared at high temperatures (such as deep-frying), they produce a substance called acrylamide. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, acrylamide is a “probable human carcinogen” which can cause “central and peripheral nervous system damage.”

If you love the comfort of french fries but don’t want the cancer risk, try making your own substitute. Slice up sweet potatoes into wedges and drizzle with coconut oil, Italian herbs and sea salt. Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber, antioxidants and potassium. Bake these wedges in a single layer at 450 degrees F for 30 minutes on each side or until they are brown.

This is a perfect substitute for a not-so-perfect junk food that seems to be very hard to give up! Once you try the sweet potato fries, you will never eat another fast food fry again – trust us!

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