Could a Smaller Home Improve Your Health: The 3 Benefits of Downsizing

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You see lots of people buying bigger and bigger homes. They start off small, and then as finances improve they move up, with the mantra of our culture chanting, “buy as much as you can, and as big as you can.” They believe the hype because that’s what “they’re supposed to do.” No one ever tells you to buy smaller and rarely does anyone offer up the idea that smaller can sometimes be better.

Less stress and mentally freeing

The more we own, the more our possessions tend to own us. The same is true with our home and a bigger home also means more things we can stuff inside of it. Many homeowners agree that a larger home leads to more stress as well as upkeep, including more cleaning, maintenance, furnishing and higher costs, which lead to more stress.

We all know stress can cause all types of health problems – chronic stress is linked to anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, insomnia and even weight gain. Stress is linked to higher cortisol levels which promotes weight gain, especially abdominal fat, and a new study shows stress triggers the urge to consume more comfort foods, particularly sweets.

More time for healthy activities

Downsizing means that you’ll have fewer daily chores and more time for healthy activities like sports and exercising as well as getting more rest. It can even free up your lifestyle for traveling.

A large home can be a burden when it comes time to travel, from keeping up landscaping to ensuring security systems, doors and windows are properly monitored as well as exterior lighting. A smaller home is generally less of a hassle when you need to leave for an extended period, particularly if you downsize to an apartment or condo from a house.

Travel offers numerous health benefits. According to a report by the global coalition on aging, it lessens the risk of heart disease and heart attack in addition to promoting good brain health as it challenges the brain with new and different experiences and environments.

small houseFamily bonding

A smaller home can lead to a happier home as it encourages family bonding and more social interaction among family members. It enables the family to work together, as opposed to a large home where members of the family are more spread out.

Numerous studies have found that a healthy family relationship often translates to healthier eating and even exercise habits, with a positive impact on mental health, physical health, health habits and mortality risk.

Is it time for you to consider a downsize?

-The Alternative Daily

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