The Remedy for Mental Toxicity is Quiet Time

Are you ever thinking so hard, juggling so many mental balls, that you wonder how your internal communication system keeps from exploding? We live in a culture where stress has violated even what was once the quietest part of our lives, our sleep.

We move around like supercharged ants full of anger, anxiety and tension, all in an effort to be productive. However, this behavior is incredibly counterproductive, and detrimental to our health.

The ancient practice of mental relaxation is one well worth considering in this day and age. We have so much activity in our minds that our bodies cannot handle it all. Mental toxicity brought about by stress and emotions such as anger and negativity eats away at us until we develop physical symptoms such as depression, panic attacks, high blood pressure and even heart disease.

However, regularly practicing meditation may be the lifesaver we need. Just a few minutes each day of meditation and quiet reflection is enough to restore the balance overturned by our internal hyperactivity.

Easy meditation technique

Find a quiet and comfortable place you can be alone, where you will not be bothered. Close your eyes and mouth and breathe intentionally through your nose. Focus your attention inward, away from the outside chaos.

Once you are aware of the stillness within, you can focus on breathing from your diaphragm instead of your lungs. Keep your focus on slow and rhythmic breathing and away from any thoughts, past, present or future.

Woman resting in garden on summerFind the stillness inside of you, it is there. If this is difficult, try repeating the sound “om,” and focusing on your breathing. Build up to 15 minutes daily as you get better at this technique.

-The Alternative Daily

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