8 Reasons To Stop Shopping At Walmart

3. Impact on food supply

Walmart doesnt rely on local producers — Courtesy Joe Raedle Getty Images
Walmart employee Dayngel Fernandez works in the produce department stocking shelves at a Walmart. (Photo Courtesy: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

In 2010, Walmart pledged to increase its sales of local produce from four to nine percent. And indeed, the amount of local produce sold at Walmart has risen. But is this really benefitting local communities? NPR reports that this is questionable. There are challenges for local producers when it comes to factors like supply. Walmart expects a steady supply of produce nearly year-round, which is difficult for some local producers. In fact, there is a range of logistical questions that, according to NPR, might mean that Walmart is benefitting more than local communities.

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