Probiotics Boost Antioxidant Effectiveness

Probiotics Boost Antioxidant Effectiveness

In a study recently published in Nature Communications, researchers have discovered that healthy gut microbes may be linked to limited risk for heart problems. Gut health is associated with efficient immune system function. Large amounts of inflammation due to immune system reactions are associated with cardiovascular disease.

Probiotics Boost Antioxidant EffectivenessProbiotics Make Antioxidants Work

The study, from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, may explain why individuals who only take supplements may not see positive effects from the antioxidants. Researchers believe that eating foods rich in probiotics and a lifetime accumulation of antioxidant-producing microbes may be a much more effective defense against cardiovascular disease.

The researchers compared gut bacteria of individuals who had minor strokes, blocked brain blood vessels or temporary blindness due to clots in the blood vessels of the eye to individuals who were healthy. They found that the gut bacteria for the stroke/blood vessel blockage patients carried more genes that set off inflammation. In comparison, the gut bacteria of healthy individuals carried genes for creating substances that reduce inflammation.

Although doctors currently recommend dietary changes, physical exercise and reduced cholesterol for individuals with cardiovascular problems, the time may come when patients receive a dose of healthy gut bacteria to improve their heart health.

What type of probiotics do you consume?

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