Podcast Episode #20: Chipotle Conspiracy, Flint Water Crisis, Penis Pumps & 30-minute Breaks

In the wake of the Flint Water Crisis, we are giving away 5 Berkey Water Filters, which actually remove 99.9% of lead from water. Be sure to listen to learn how to win.

Chipotle’s recent viral and bacteria outbreaks have been a major blow to the Healthy, Non-GMO Restaurant Chain. But is it Chipotle’s fault or has the well been poisoned?

Flint, Michigan, with a population of 100,000, has been receiving contaminated water that was not tested correctly. Major amounts of lead have been consumed by the people. Jake and Megan dig through the facts of what can be done.

On a much lighter note, Jake shares his recent discovery of what is allowed to be shown on YouTube. He was shocked to find Penis Pump reviews and demonstrations. Jake shares his reaction.

Is 30-Minutes a day, enough of a break time for employees? Megan discusses a recent blog post from someone who works 10 hours per day and has been forcing herself to take 30-minute breaks, and how it’s helped her. But is there a deeper problem?

All that and more!

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Chipotle Conspiracy

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