Podcast Episode #16: Vitamix Giveaway and Why Ninjas Suck, Death of Parents and Loved Ones

Listen to today’s podcast to find out how you can win a free Vitamix!

Today we have a very special guest to our show. Danielle Mignogna is one of Jake’s closest friends and she joins in the discussion.

Jake recently discovered a super high-energy 5 ingredient drink from famed surfer, Laird Hamilton.

Danielle tried one of Jake’s raw egg smoothies and gives her reaction.

Jake discusses his 1-Shirt Wardrobe secret and why he only wears one shirt and never mixes it up.

Danielle lost her parents in a span of 71 days and discusses the process she undertook and still going through.

Megan also recently lost her best friend and shares her take on grief and how she has been able to move forward.

Personal time, exercising, staying active and being healthy are extremely important especially in times of loss, but what happens when you stop working out? Hint: Jake gets extremely stir crazy and mean.

All that and more!

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