Are Negative Thoughts Causing Your Headache?

Have you ever felt like your head is going to crack from too much stress? Most people have. A tension headache is the most common type of headache — yet the causes are not well understood, according to the Mayo Clinic. Your mind not only helps relieve the immediate grip of a tension headache, it also gets to the root of the problem and releases the underlying stressor. The calm of your mind can ease the tension in your brain. Balancing the brain network through the feeling in your mind cuts to the core of the tension in your head.

Ron W. Rathbun, author and meditation teacher, says, “Most of the tension that occurs in your brain comes from negative thoughts that ruminate in your head. These ‘negative thoughts’ are compartments that get trapped in our mind and lead to tension headaches in our brain. Balancing the mind leads to a balancing of the brain network. The mind calms the tension in the brain and leads to headache relief.”

How compartments are created

Negative thoughts about yourself or others can get trapped as compartments in our mind. Compartments are what we call “our baggage” or “our buttons,” bad experiences we’ve taken in and they continue to bother us. They show up as negative thoughts in our mind (and brain), and we can loop through them by thinking the same negative thought again and again. Has this ever happened to you?

The mind abolishes “your buttons” over time

Compartments are actually an electrochemical energy source that cause negative thoughts that ruminate in our brain. These negative thoughts can be about ourselves or others. Negativity from our thoughts leads to stress and physical tension in the brain network. This mental ruminating about our problems leads to the physical distress felt in tension headaches. The mind is linked to the body and therefore the brain network.

The mind heals the noggin

Bringing our mind into balance soothes the tension in the nervous system. Easing tension relieves headaches. Practicing Kelee meditation balances the mind. This practice provides a way to get into and calm the mind. Calming your mind calms your brain and gives an immediate release to your headache.

In addition, learning to come to a still point in your mind completely detaches you from the electrochemical energy of your compartments — this causes them to burn and grow smaller. The compartments can actually completely dissolve if Kelee meditation is done consistently over time.

One of the hallmarks of Kelee meditation is things that used to bother you no longer do. How much is that worth to you?

The mind and Kelee meditation are backed by science

Kelee meditation is taught to our future doctors at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Medical School so that doctors can teach their patients who then can help themselves heal.

A study at UCSD showed that Kelee meditation reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

close up of african young woman touching her headDr. Daniel Lee, clinical professor of UCSD Medical Center and School of Medicine, teaches the medical students and led the medical study. Regarding tension headaches, he says, “Headaches cause the sensation of pain due to the tension associated with negative thoughts. How often have you had a headache after a negative interaction with someone? If you pay attention, you may even notice that you may have a tension headache in a specific location each time you have a similar negative interaction with the same person. This is an example of compartmentalization and how negative thoughts can affect the physiology of the body via electrochemical energy to cause a physical headache that can be felt. In our medical study, many of our study participants reported noticing improvement in headaches after starting Kelee meditation.” 

Freeing your mind relieves tension headaches

If you would like to access your mind, Kelee meditation will show you the way. As you do this practice over time, you will dissolve your compartments and the frequency of your tension headaches will diminish. Actually, you will feel better in all of your body systems — you will feel good health.

This meditation is easy to learn on your own. It takes five minutes to practice (and we recommend twice daily!). You can learn Kelee meditation through the simple manual Kelee Meditation: Free Your Mind.

—Nikki Walsh

Nikki Walsh is a freelance writer and mom of two kids living in Southern California. She holds an MBA in marketing from University of California, Irvine and a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from UCSD. She has been practicing Kelee meditation for 19 years. When she is not writing she can be found out and about having fun with her kids.

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