Looking for a Holiday Party Idea? Have an Organic Recipe Exchange!

This holiday season, why not add a fun and healthy twist to your annual get-together? An organic recipe exchange allows you and your family and friends to try a variety of delicious new dishes, as well as to learn how to prepare all of them!

The concept is simple: throw a potluck-style event where you and everyone on your guest list brings one dish of your choosing. Assign some people appetizers, main courses or desserts if you wish.

The rule is, however, that each dish must be created using organic ingredients, and be free of refined sugar and white flour. If you wish, you can take it a step further and add ‘gluten-free’ to the requirements.

Along with their dish, ask everyone to write out the recipe for their dish, and bring enough copies for everyone at the party. This way, your guests will leave the party with the recipes for everything that they tasted, and will likely be excited to create their favorites at home!

The added benefit of the organic recipe exchange is that it provides the opportunity for those who do not normally cook organic to switch up some of their less-than-healthy staple ingredients for more nutritious alternatives – organic coconut crystals or stevia instead of sugar, for example.

For those on your guest list that do not cook very often, it will give them a chance to research some simple, organic recipes – which will give them something great for the party while simultaneously increasing their culinary knowledge base.

Let your less-than-culinary-minded guests know that the dish does not have to be complex – a salad made with organic veggies and a homemade vinaigrette would be great staple for your gathering.

organic recipesIf there are children attending, they could make organic ants-on-a-log, with organic celery, some delicious organic peanut butter, and organic raisins, for just one example of the many kid-friendly recipes available.

With all of the sugar, starch and artificial food dyes used in all-too-many holiday treats, this type of gathering is a great way to bring some health to your holidays, as well as to spread the celebration of organic cooking to your friends and family.

-The Alternative Daily

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