Hurricane Irma Causes Ocean to Disappear in Bahamas

As parts of Cuba and the Florida Keys are experiencing a massive influx of water from Hurricane Irma, the ocean has seemed to disappear in Long Island Bahamas.

Watch this amazing video to see for yourself. There is no ocean as far as the eye can see.

While some are saying that this is a sign that a tsunami is going to happen, there is actually another explanation for the lack of ocean. The powerful monster Hurricane Irma has borrowed this bit of water for the time being.

Insane storm surge

The loss of the ocean is actually due to the proximity of Irma to the Bahamas and the storm’s low-pressure center. When a storm has such an intense low pressure, it can impact the surface of the water because there is less atmospheric pressure being applied. If you were to take a look at a cross section of the storm through the water you would see a bulging effect. This bulging is the storm surge that Irma borrowed from the area around the Bahamas. It is quite noticeable in Long Island because this is a shallow area with unvarying depth. This causes the impact to be so remarkable.

When will the water come back?

The ocean around Long Island will gradually come back as Irma moves on and she steals extra water under the low pressure from somewhere else.

Stay safe out there!

-Susan Patterson

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